[H-verkko] Helsinki, Transnational innovation during the cold war

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Ke Helmi 12 15:58:03 EET 2014

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Transnational innovation during the cold war

Helsinki, Kirkkokatu 6
17.2.2014 klo 16:00


16:00-16:10  Welcome & introduction, Prof. Mats Fridlund, Aalto University

16:10-16:55  “The Baltic Connection: Knowledge flows and cooperation between
Estonia and Finland in Cold War computing”, Dr Sampsa Kaataja, University of

16:55-17:40  “The Atlantic Charter: Innovation in the Swedish aircraft
industry and the American connection”, Dr Mikael Nilsson, Stockholm University

17:40-18:00   Concluding discussion

Opening comment: Prof. Niklas Jensen-Eriksen, University of Helsinki

18.00-        Reception


Mats Fridlund, mats.fridlund at aalto.fi

Sakari Heikkinen, sakari.heikkinen at helsinki.fi

Niklas Jensen-Eriksen, niklas.jensen-eriksen at helsinki.fi

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