[H-verkko] CFP: Creative and able citizens: managing health and illness during the life course

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Creative and able citizens: managing health and illness during the life course
Call 2014

Creative and able citizens: managing health and illness during the life course

Call for abstracts

As the Nordic welfare states evolve – with ideologies that focus on an
increased consumption of health services – citizens are required to be
productive throughout their life course. And because fewer economic resources
are being invested into basic health care, and there is a move to shift more
responsibility onto the individual (patient), it is becoming essential to
illuminate practices that showcase the creative ways that people engage in
self-care and agency in everyday-life.

This conference aims to discuss how to develop new perspectives on health and
illness in the Nordic welfare states. The emphasis will be on creativity and
ableism as key elements in people’s and patients’ constructions of meaning,
especially with regard to questions about health and rehabilitation.

Among other things, the concept of creativity encompasses energy, liveliness,
artfulness and agency – on both an individual and a collective level.
Moreover, creativity refers to activities that are performed and practiced by
able citizens and organisations. However, ableism is also a scholarly
perspective that criticises traditional perceptions of normativity, particularly
embodied normativity.

The conference organisers would like to invite papers that critically examine
the challenges and opportunities prompted by such creativity: What sort of
creative practices do people apply to attain a good life for themselves while
ill or frail? In what terms and under what circumstances are bodies perceived as
being able – or not? How do such practices and attitudes affect people’s
experiences and expressions of health and illness? How do we as researchers
contribute to the articulation of creativity and ableism, and how do these
concepts affect us as professionals and fellow human beings?


-       embodied creative agency

-       health and able bodies

-       creative academic engagement in the field of health studies;
reflection, emotional investment; creative writing in/about the field

Time & Place

University of Helsinki

May 22-23, 2014

Deadline for submission of abstracts: February 14, 2014

Submit your abstract to: NNHSHstyr at gmail

Organisers: The Nordic Network for Health Research within Social Sciences and
the Humanities

We look forward to your submission and hope to see you in Helsinki in the
spring of 2014.

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