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Religious Reform before the Reformation

Turku, Kaivokatu 12
9.12.2013 klo 10:15 – 10.12.2013 klo 15:45

The project Modus vivendi. Religious reform and laity in late medieval Europe
(funded by the Finnish Academy) organizes a workshop “Religious Reform before
the Reformation” jointly with the Turku Centre for Medieval and Early Modern
Studies, in December, 9-10.

The workshop is open to all the interested people, the registration is, however,
desirable due to the coffee served by the organizers. Please, contact Marika
Räsänen by December, 4 in regard to your participation: marras at utu.fi


Workshop ” Religious Reform before the Reformation” - 9.-10.12. 2013.

Venue: Seminar room TEMPO, Minerva building, Sirkkala campus, University of
Turku (Street address: Kaivokatu 12)

Monday, 9 December

First session, at 10.15-11.45 (Chair: Marjo Kaartinen)

Teemu Immonen (University of Turku): Art in the Service of Reform: Abbot
Desiderius and the Wall Paintings of Montecassino

Pekka Tolonen (University of Turku): Lay movements and circles of reform in
twelfth and thirteenth-century France


Second session, at 13.15-14.45 (Chair: Marjo Kaartinen)

Constant Mews (Monash University, Melbourne): Mendicant Rivalries and the Cause
of Reform in the Fourteenth century: between Paris, Toulouse and Siena

Daniel Bornstein (Washington University in St. Louis): The Convent of Corpus
Domini and the Dominican reform in Venice

Coffee break

Third session, 15.15-16.45 (Chair: Teemu Immonen)

Meri Heinonen (University of Turku): Johannes Meyer and the reformed pastoral
care of nuns in the province of Teutonia

Ana Marinković (University of Zagreb): Giovanni Dominici and an Early Attempt
at Dominican Observance in Dubrovnik

Tuesday, 10 December

Fourth session, 9.00-10.30 (Chair: Marika Räsänen)

Reima Välimäki (University of Turku): Sleeping men - inquisitor Petrus Zwicker
and call for clergy capable to refute heresy

Sari Katajala-Peltomaa (University of Tampere): Devil in transition: demonic
possessions in late medieval canonization processes.

Coffee break

Fifth session, 10.45-12.15 (Chair: Marjo Kaartinen)

Matti Peikola (University of Helsinki): 'The greate rage of fyre that hath not
seased from that time hytherto': Some 16th-century perceptions of Wycliffites
and their texts

Tuomo Fonsén (University of Turku): Finding the right words: What made Luther's
translation of the Bible a success


PhD-students’ Round table, beginning at 13.45 (Chair: Daniel Bornstein)

Leena Enqvist (University of Helsinki): Birgittine Nuns and Reading - Tradition
and Reform?

Maria Kallio (University of Turku): Heavenly archives - Medieval cartularies of
Turku chapter as manifestations of a reform?

Kaivokatu 12

Tiedustelut: Marika Räsänen (marras at utu.fi), puhelin 02 333 6691
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