[H-verkko] CFP: The 13th Conference on Modern Estonian History

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The 13th Conference on Modern Estonian History
The Estonian State: Formation and Development

June 13–14, 2013, Tallinn, Rüütli 6, Institute of History of Tallinn
 This year we celebrate the 95th birthday of the Republic of Estonia. The 13th
Conference on Modern Estonian History will focus on the Estonian state and its

We invite papers from participants to the conference which will deal with the
formation and development of statehood: Estonia as both an object and subject in
the international arena, as well as internal political, economic and cultural
changes and other key issues.

The official languages of the Conference by tradition will be Estonian and

Participants will have 30 minutes at their disposal (20 minutes for delivering
the paper and 10 for discussion). 
 Proposals for papers and a short abstract should be forwarded to: Maie
Pihlamägi, Institute of History of Tallinn University, Rüütli 6, 10130
Tallinn, Estonia, e-mail: maie.pihlamagi at tlu.ee by March 1, 2013.
 We  are pleased to announce that the peer-reviewed journal Acta Historica
Tallinnensia is available for publishing relevant articles (www.kirj.ee) 
 We look forward  to your reply and hope that you can join us at the 13th 
Conference on Modern Estonian History.

Organising committee

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