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Private and Public Memories, the fourth international symposium of the Finnish
Oral History Network

Helsinki, Hallituskatu 1
29.11.2012 klo 09:15 – 30.11.2012 klo 16:15

Private and Public Memories the fourth international symposium of the Finnish
Oral History Network
 Helsinki, 29–30 November 2012


Thursday 29 November
 Great Hall, 2nd floor, Hallituskatu 1, Finnish Literature Society

9.15 Registration

10.15 – 10.30 Opening words
 Ulla-Maija Peltonen (Finnish Oral History Network FOHN, Finnish Literature
Society, SKS)

10.30 – 11.45 Keynote lecture Paula Hamilton (University of Technology,
 Oral History as Memory-work: from personal to public remembering
 Chair: Ulla-Maija Peltonen (SKS)

11.45 – 13.15 Lunch
 13.15 – 14.45 Parallel Sessions (Kirkkokatu 6, House of Sciences)

1. Contested Memories and Changing Social Discourses I
 Lecture Room 313. Chairs: Anne Heimo & Maija Krumina

a) Baiba Bela (University of Latvia)
 Intersection of public discourse and private life
 b) Kristi Grünberg (University of Tartu)
 Private and public in former agricultural leaders’ biographical narratives

2. The Interface of Emotion and Memory: The Past in the Present
 Lecture Room 401. Chairs: Helena Jerman & Niina Naarminen

a) Ieva Garda-Rozenberga (University of Latvia)
 Sharing with our painful past: personal memories of young adult orphans
 b) David Mwambari (La Trobe University)
 Memory narratives of death and survival during Genocide Commemorations in
 c) Sanita Reinsone (Archives of Latvian Folklore)
 “The Miserable and the Beautiful…” Forest as Home in Latvian Partisan
Women Life Stories

3. The Narrative Context of Memory and Place
 Lecture Room 404. Chairs: Outi Fingerroos & Anna Kuismin

a) Tiiu Jaago (University of Tartu)
 Public and private in Soviet Estonia: analysis of narrative events and
narrative context
 b) Ulf Palmenfelt (Gotland University)
 Narrated Memories
 c) Ulla Savolainen (University of Helsinki)
 The Genre of Reminiscence Writings – Intersections of People, Professional
Writers and Institutions

4. The Power of Collective Notions in Social Memory
 Lecture Room 405. Chairs: Ulla-Maija Peltonen & Irena Saleniece

a) Wiktoria Kudela-Swiatek (Polish Oral History Association)
 Public and private memories of significant events in the 20th century. An
example of biographical narrations of the Soviet Union citizens
 b) Edmunds Supulis (University of Latvia)
 Questioning master narrative: conflicting memory in making of national identity
 c) Malin Thor Tureby (Malmo University)
 Doing Jewishness – a discussion on the relationship between private
discourses and national or public representations

14.45 – 15.15 Tea & coffee ( Kirkkokatu 6, House of Sciences)
 15.15 – 17.15 Parallel Sessions (Kirkkokatu 6, House of Sciences)

5. Mobility and Transgenerational Memory
 Lecture Room 313. Chairs: Ulla-Maija Peltonen & Ulf Palmenfelt

a) Rutt Hinrikus (Estonian Literary Museum)
 Lasting unfulfilled longing
 b) Maija Krumina (University of Latvia)
 Stories of the Wartime and Escape in the Memories of World War II Refugees from
 c) Elina Liikanen (University of Helsinki)
 Private memories made public: Remembering the Spanish Civil War and its
aftermath in recent Spanish novels

6. Exploring Institutional Memories
 Lecture Room 401. Chairs: Joni Krekola & Pauliina Latvala

a) Joni Krekola (Library of the Finnish Parliament)
 Institutionalized oral history from above? Critical thoughts on parliament as a
producer of oral history knowledge
 b) Marta Kurkowska-Budzan (Jagiellonian University)
 Power/Knowledge Discourse about the Communist Past: the Institute of National
Remembrance in Poland
 c) Pauliina Latvala (University of Helsinki)
 The Veteran MPs’ Oral History Interviews: Perspectives on/beyond the Memory
and Experience
 d) Mandy Townsley (Washington State University)
 Clandestine Memory: The Strange Case of Irish Remembrance of the Great War

7. Class and Gendered Memory
 Lecture Room 404. Chairs: Kirsti Salmi-Niklander & Sanita Reinsone

a) Timothy Ashplant (Independent scholar, Liverpool John Moores University)
 From Private Memoir to Public Testimony: Form, Content and Mode of Address in
the Conversion Narratives of Life as We Have Known It (1931)
 b) Liam Cullinane (University College Cork)
 Perceptions of Class and Status among Women Workers in the Irish Textile
Industry: The Relationship between Narration and Memory in Selected Oral
 c) Anna Kuismin (University of Helsinki)
 Remembrances From Below: Public and Private in Two ‘Vernacular’ Texts from
Ninteenth-Century Finland
 d) Julia Nitz (Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg)
 Remembering the Civil War: Southern American Women Diarists and Their Editors

8. Contested Memories and Changing Social Discourses II
 Lecture Room 405. Chairs: Simo Laakkonen & Edmunds Supulis

a) Karina Lukin (University of Helsinki)
 Public and private testimonies over the Soviet nuclear testing
 b) Gul Ozatesler (Bogazici University)
 From Drivers’ Fight to Gypsy Hunt. Tracing Memories on Gypsies’ Forced
Dislocation of 1970, Canakkale, Turkey
 c) Irena Saleniece (Daugavpils University)
 Between Public and Private: Teachers’ Religious Life during Sovietisation of
Latvia (1944-1959)

18.00 RECEPTION hosted by Tuomas M. S. Lehtonen (Secretary General, Finnish
Literature Society) For the registered participants.
 Great Hall, 2nd floor, Hallituskatu 1, (Finnish Literature Society)

Friday 30 November
 Great Hall, 2nd floor, Hallituskatu 1, Finnish Literature Society

9.15 – 10.30 Keynote lecture Daniela Koleva (Sofia University St. Kliment
 Memory Tactics: Private Uses of Public Memory Cultures
 Chair: Outi Fingerroos (University of Jyväskylä)

10.30 – 11.30 Keynote lecture Kirsti Salmi-Niklander (University of Helsinki)
 From Shadows to Spotlights: Exploring the Grey Areas in Life Stories
 Chair: Anne Heimo (University of Turku)

11.30 – 13.15 Lunch
 13.15 – 15.15 Parallel Sessions (Kirkkokatu 6, House of Sciences)

9. (In)separable Private and Public Memories
 Lecture Room 313. Chairs: Karina Lukin & Ieva Garda-Rozenberga

a) Sirkka Ahonen (University of Helsinki)
 Memory politics in post-conflict societies
 b) Kate Moore (University of Tampere)
 When the American Dream Became a Nightmare: US Immigration Medical Detentions
at Ellis Island
 c) Katja Hrobat Virgolet (University of Primorska)
 The Burden of the Past. Contrasting Memories on Co-existence in the Post-war
Yugoslavia in Istria, Slovenia

10. Personal and Shared Narratives
 Lecture Room 401. Chairs: Kirsi-Maria Hytönen & Eerika Koskinen-Koivisto

a) Fiona Cosson (University of Northampton)
 Community Remembered: Imagination, Nostalgia, Memory
 b) Kirsi-Maria Hytönen (University of Jyväskylä)
 How to re-tell a grand narrative? Private and collective in the memories of
women’s work in the 1940s
 c) Eerika Koskinen-Koivisto (University of Jyväskylä)
 Model narratives, subjective experiences, and inter-subjectivity in life
narrative context
 d) Tytti Steel (University of Helsinki)
 Tearaways or decent workers? Representations of dockers

11. (Re)construction of Memory
 Lecture Room 404. Chairs: Saara Tuomaala & Eija Stark

a) Saara Jäntti & Tuija Saresma (University of Jyväskylä)
 Constructing the Future Past: Treasuring the Everyday in Homing Blogs
 b) Nela Milic (Goldsmiths University)
 Privatising the streets
 c) Lizzie Thynne (University of Sussex)
 On the Border: Trauma, Madness and Memory in a post-war Finnish family

12. Sites of Belonging
 Lecture Room 405. Chairs: Tiina-Riitta Lappi & Ulla Savolainen

a) Holly Gilbert (The British Library)
 Mapping Berlin: Memories in the Present Moment
 b) Anna-Kaisa Kuusisto-Arponen (University of Tampere)
 Subaltern geopolitics and performative silence: socio-spatial memories of
Finnish war children
 c) Susanna Suomela (University of Helsinki)
 Mother London calling! Hearing voices of a city’s collective memory

15.15 – 16.15 Final discussion, tea & coffee
 Lecture Room 505. Chair: Helena Jerman
 Commentator: Vieda Skultans

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