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Aihe: Tenth Swedish Economic History Meeting
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Please forward to those that may be concerned!First Call to theTenth Swedish Economic History Meeting4-5 October 2013 will the Tenth Swedish Economic History Meeting be held at the Lund School of Economics and Management. Suggestions for session themes are welcome and can be sent as replies to this message (sehf at ekh.lu.se). A website will be opened, through which paper proposals (abstracts) should be submitted, registration performed etc. The aim is that the Meeting will be a broad gathering of economic historians in Sweden, as well as from the other Nordic countries and with a distinct contribution also from outside the Nordic countries. Feel free to pass on this message to others concerned! Also sign up on the mailing list, see below!/Mats Olsson, Department of Economic History, Lund University/Jonas Ljungberg, Swedish Economic History Society                THE SWEDISH ECONOMIC HISTORY SOCIETY (SEHF) FOUNDED!INVITATION TO MEMEBERSHIP IN SEHF! The Swedish Economic History Society (SEHF) was founded at a meeting in Copenhagen on the 25th of May. To the board were elected Jonas Ljungberg (Lund, chairman), Kerstin Enflo (Lund, treasurer), Magnus Lindmark (Umeå, member), Christer Lundh (Göteborg, deputy member) och Magnus Bohman (Lund, deputy member). You are welcome to sign membership in SEHF by sending an email to Kerstin Enflo on this e-address: sehf at ekh.lu.se. As a member you will receive (parsimonious) emails about the activities of SEHF and we are concerned to get a broad network (also outside Sweden, in particular in other Nordic countries!).Notify name:Academic title:Affiliation or corresponding status:Email address:  Membership is open for everyone who supports the aim of the Society, as expressed in the statutes (preliminary translation): § 2. Aim of the Society  The aim of the Society is to offer - a Swedish joint place for teachers, researchers, and students of economic and social history- to promote education and research in economic and social history- to disseminate knowledge about economic and social history- to participate in international cooperation, such as being a member in The Scandinavian Society for Economic and Social History och i International Economic History Association.§ 3. Membership
Those who agree with the aim of the Society may sign up for membership.The membership fee was, by the founding meeting, decided to be naught (0) SEK but this might be changed by a future meeting.Welcome!The Board, SEHF/JL
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