[H-verkko] Helsinki, Seminar: Changing meanings of (un)employment

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Pe Tammi 27 10:09:09 EET 2012

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Seminar: Changing meanings of (un)employment
Helsinki 27.02.2012 klo 13:00 - 28.02.2012 klo 13:00


University of Helsinki, 27-28 February 2012
Venue: Forest House (Metsätalo), Unioninkatu 40, room 10

Open seminar on the making and defining of unemployment from a
comparative historical


MONDAY 27 February, 13-17

13.00 Opening words

13.10 NOEL WHITESIDE (University of Warwick): The Historical
Construction and Reconstruction of Unemployment – a Comparison

14.10 Coffee

14.30 NILS EDLING (Stockholm University): Creating National Labour
Markets: The Public
Labour Exchange 1890--1920

15.30 MATTI HANNIKAINEN (University of Helsinki): Unemployment and
Labour Market Flexibility in the Great Depression. The Case of
Construction Workers in Helsinki

TUESDAY 28 February, 9-13

9.15 MIRJA ÖSTERBERG (University of Helsinki): Arguments by the
Finnish Social Democrats
concerning unemployment in the 1930s

10.15 Coffee

10.30 SAMI OUTINEN (University of Helsinki / Stockholm University):
The changing Concept
of Unemployment in Finland in the Late 20th Century

11.30 PATRICK EMMENEGGER (University of Southern Denmark): The
Politics of Job Security
Regulations: From Drift to Layering on Job Security

12.30 Closing discussion

The workshop is open for public. However, for coffee please register
to Heidi Haggrén,
heidi.haggren[at]helsinki.fi, by 23rd February 2012.

Organiser: The Nordic Centre of Excellence NordWel (The Nordic
Welfare  State –
Historical Foundations and Future Challenges). The seminar is  part
of the activities of
NordWel’s theme group five  The Normative  Charges of Work: The
Labour Market and the
Welfare State”. Www:  http://blogs.helsinki.fi/nord-wel/


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