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Book Launch: Parliament and Europe
Helsinki 20.01.2012 klo 14:00

University of Helsinki, Main Building (Unioninkatu 34), aud. II

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The volume Parliament and Europe: Rhetorical and conceptual studies
on their contemporary connections edited by Claudia Wiesner, Tapani
Turkka and Kari Palonen (Nomos 2011) suggests an alternative view to
implicit and explicit assumptions on the relation between parliament
and Europe in contemporary Europe. Instead of assuming that European
integration diminishes the influence of national parliaments, and the
European Parliament does not possess sufficient competencies, this
volume aims at demonstrating that the relation between Parliament and
Europe is a dynamic one in several respects and that it is shaped
crucially by political rhetoric. It treats Parliament and Europe as
political concepts which are currently objects of change and

In fact, the changing relations of national parliaments and European
politics opens up for new possibilities for conceptual struggle. In a
sense parlaiment (in and of Europe) are at the same time objects of
change, objects of debate, and at the same time they set the
structures for debate.

If “A new world requires a new science of politics” as Alexis de
Tocqueville famously put it in 1835, can the Parliament and Europe
pave the way for a dynamic view on the relationship between
Parliament and Europe by rendering the conceptual and political
struggles as well as the dynamic and changing interrelations between
Parliaments and Europe more visible and accessible?

Invited commentators have been asked to give their thoughts on
Parliament and Europe and to assess the implications of studying
rhetoric in national parliaments in relation to European political


Introduction to the book and comments by Rinna Kullaa and Corinna

Responses by Claudia Wiesner, Tapani Turkka, Teija Tiilikainen,
Kyösti Pekonen and Kari Palonen

Comments and interventions by participants 

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