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The Invisible Bicycle: New Insights into Bicycle History

Call for papers
Session on Bicycle History
ICOHTEC Symposium, Manchester, U.K., 22–28 July 2013
In conjunction of the 24th International Congress of the History of
Science, Technology and Medicine

Invitation to contribute a session of the theme Knowing Users: Social
Demands in Shaping Technology and Designing Products at the 40th
Symposium of the International Committee for the History of
Technology, ICOHTEC (Manchester, UK, 22–28 July 2013). Organised by
Timo Myllyntaus and Tiina Männistö-Funk.

The Invisible Bicycle: New Insights into Bicycle History

For more than two decades now, bicycle history has been an active
field inside the history of technology, containing a diversity of
studies from detailed accounts on technological development to social
histories of cycling and theoretical approaches on bicycle use and
innovation. Recently, bicycle is also attracting increased attention
as a sustainable means of transport, the historiography of which is
of interest in current debates on mobility.

Despite of the ongoing interest and the multitude on historical
insights, bicycle history calls for further research, especially as
the bicycle has at some point in time been an integral part of
everyday life and mobility in probably all corners of the world. Many
aspects of bicycle use and technology remain invisible or show only
fleeting presence in the bicycle historiography. Partially this is
due to locations that appear peripheral, such as developing countries
and rural areas. But even the Western, urban cycling asks for more
scrutiny, especially during the decades of bicycle’s most intensive
use as a means of transport, from the early 20th century till
the1960s. Similarly interesting are the dynamics of the decline and a
new increase in cycling in the second half of the 20th century.

How can we study the history of everyday practices in bicycle use and
non-use? Is the decline of cycling in industrial societies a universal
phenomenon? How do the transnational timelines of bicycle history look
like? How have technological features and design influenced on the
image and popularity of cycling? Are there “national styles” in the
design and technical characteristics of bicycles? To this session we
invite papers on all aspects of bicycle history, but especially on
those so far understudied. We encourage questioning typical timelines
of bicycle history and presenting of alternative histories and
controversial case studies.

Please, contact Timo Myllyntaus (timmyl at utu.fi) or Tiina
Männistö-Funk (tiiman at utu.fi) and submit an abstract (200–400 words)
of your paper proposal and a one-page CV by Friday 9 March 2012.

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