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Georgia - Venäjä - Suomi -konferenssi
Joensuu 29.08.2012 klo 09:00 - 30.08.2012 klo 15:00

Welcome to an international conference 'Small Nations on the Border
of a Great Power: Finland and Georgia Compared'.

Wednesday 29th August 9 am to Thursday 30th August 3.30 pm at the
University of Eastern Finland, Joensuu, Aurora Building, room AU206.

This conference compares the experiences of Finland and Georgia from
the sixteenth century to the present day. In spite of many
similarities in the historical evolution of national identity and
incorporation into the Russian Empire at the same time, in relations
with Russia there could not be a greater contrast. Where are the
similarities and differences, and what lessons can these two small
countries learn from each other?

Speakers include: Alena Andronovna, Levan Avalashvili, Timothy
Blauvelt, Max Engman, Suvi Kansikas, Kimmo Katajala, Nino Kemoklidze,
Giorgi Kldiashvili, Jukka Kokkonen, Jukka Korpela, Ilkka Liikanen,
Ghia Nodia, Jyrki Paaskoski, Oliver Reisner, Jeremy Smith, Ronald
Suny. Full program see link below.

Attendance is free, but must be registered in advance. For
registration, please email tatjana.lipiainen at uef.fi by 12th August

This conference is supported by the VERA Centre for Russian and
Border Studies and the Joensuu University International Conference
VERA - Project for establishing the centre for Russian and Border
Studies at the UEF. The project is funded by the European Union
Social Fund and the Regional Council of North Karelia.
Organizers of the Conference: Prof. Jeremy Smith, Karelian Institute
and Prof. Kimmo Katajala, Department of Geographical and Historical
Studies, University of Eastern Finland.



Kimmo Katajala <kimmo.katajala at uef.fi> puh. +358 50 549 3058 

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