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What’s the Use? The Human Sciences in Contemporary Society. Helsinki
Collegium for Advanced Studies 10th Anniversary Symposium
Helsinki 20.10.2011 klo 09:30 - 20.10.2011 klo 18:00

HCAS celebrates its 10th Anniversary on Thursday 20 October

Free admission but registration is required for catering purposes.
Please sign up by sending an email by 10 October 2011 to:

maria.soukkio at helsinki.fi 


Thursday 20 October

What’s the Use? The Human Sciences in Contemporary Society 
Venue: Unioninkadun juhlahuoneistot, Unioninkatu 33, Helsinki

09:30 Refreshments 

10:00 Welcome words by Chancellor Ilkka Niiniluoto and Director Sami

Discussion: ”What’s the Use of the Human Sciences?”
Chair: Sami Pihlström

Professor Paavo Hohti, CEO, Council of Finnish Foundations 
Professor Marja Makarow, Chief Executive, European Science Foundation
12:00 o’clock  Lunch break

2:00 p.m. Teach in. Putting Use into Action: Research done by
Collegium Fellows
Chair: Anne Birgitta Pessi

William van Andringa: Religion and Integration: Learning from the
Roman Empire Experiences 
Kathryn Edwards: The Science of Spirits 
Pentti Haddington: Conversation Analysis and Traffic Safety 
Maijastina Kahlos: Outsiders and Human Rights - The Heritage of Late
Sari Kivistö: Johann Balthasar Schupp and a Seventeenth-century
Satirical Utopia of Useful Knowledge 
Nikolay Koposov: History and Democratic Citizenship 
Rogier De Langhe: Understanding the Nature of Mankind's Most Valuable
Economic Resource: Knowledge 
Alejandro Lorite Escorihuela: Our Laws over Animal Life: Thinking the
Global Dominion 
Kirill Postoutenko:  Social Asymmetries: What They Are, And How They
Shape Our Lives. 
Simon Rabinovich: Setting and Navigating the Boundaries of Religious
Autonomy in the Modern State (tbc) 
Peter Swirski: Two Cultures... and the Twain Shall Never Meet 
Thomas Wallgren: Search for Truth as Search for Oneself: Socrates and
Gandhi on the Unity of Philosophy and Politics 
Sirpa Wrede: Professionalism as an Inequality Regime in Globalising

3:30 p.m. Coffee break

4:00 p.m. Concluding discussion

Maria Soukkio <maria.soukkio at helsinki.fi> puh. 09-191 24974 

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