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CfP: Appalachian Spring: Seventh Annual Conference in World History
and Economics

Appalachian Spring: Seventh Annual Conference in World History and

This conference is an interdisciplinary meeting aimed at bringing
together scholars from Appalachian State University (Boone, NC) with
scholars from other universities in North Carolina, the surrounding
states, and abroad. We have already hosted six of these meetings in
the past, which have been very successful. Our past keynote speakers
have included Kenneth Pomeranz, Jeremy Black, Peter Lindert, and
Price Fishback. This year’s speaker will be Dr. John Wallis,
Professor of Economics, University of Maryland; a world-renowned
scholar of government finance and institutional change. We will also
feature 5-6 panels with scholarly papers, divided among different
topical themes, including an undergraduate and a graduate panel. This
year’s theme will be Violence and Social Orders. The paper or panel
proposals do not have to be directly tied to the conference theme,
although papers fitting with theme will be given special

The conference will take place on April 14, 2012, on the Appalachian
State University campus, Boone, in the beautiful North Carolina
mountains. Those interested in participating should let the
organizers know by January 1, 2012. A one-page abstract describing
the scholar’s proposal should be submitted to the organizers by that
date. A full paper will be expected by the organizers by March 1,
2012. There is only a modest registration fee (regular: $50;
(graduate) students: $20; ASU faculty and students: free). The
organizers cannot provide funding for accommodations or travel
expenses. We offer meals to the participants during the meeting at
reduced cost in addition to the registration fee.
Organizers (contacts for paper proposals and practical matters):

• Jari Eloranta, Associate Professor (Appalachian State University,
Department of History): phone: 1-828-262-6006, email:
jari.a.eloranta at gmail.com

• Jeremy Land, Ph.D Student (University of Tennessee at Knoxville,
Department of History): phone: 1-704-689-2055, email:
land25.jeremy at gmail.com

Supporting Committee:
• George Ehrhardt, Assistant Professor (Appalachian State University,
Department of Political Science and Criminal Justice), phone:
1-828-262-3085, email: ehrhardtgc at appstate.edu
• Timothy Perri, Professor (Appalachian State University, Department
of Economics), phone: 1-828-262-2251, email: perritj at appstate.edu
• Dorothea Martin, Professor (Appalachian State University,
Department of History): phone: 1-828-262-6022, email:
martinda at appstate.edu
• Anatoly Isaenko, Associate Professor (Appalachian State University,
Department of History): phone: 1-828-262-6028, email:
isaenkoa at appstate.edu)
• Michael Turner, Professor (Appalachian State University, Department
of History): phone: 1-828-262-8102, email: turnermj at appstate.edu

Dr. John Wallis
Dr. Wallis, Professor of Economics at the University of Maryland, is
among the leading scholars in the world in the study of government
finance and institutional change, both in the United States and
comparatively. He is the co-author of an influential new book (2009)
on violence and social orders with Douglass North and Barry Weingast.
His past work includes studies of the New Deal, 19th century American
government finances and financial markets; federalism; sovereign debt
and bond markets; transaction costs and institutional change; and
theories of state formation.
Representative Recent Publications:

Violence and Social Orders: A Conceptual Framework for Interpreting
Recorded Human History, with Douglass C. North, John Joseph Wallis,
and Barry R. Weingast. Cambridge University Press, 2009.

American Economic Growth and Standards of Living Before the Civil
War, with Robert Gallman, NBER, University of Chicago Press, 1992.

In The Shadow of Violence: The Problem of Development in Limited
Access Societies, with Douglass C. North, Stephen Webb, and Barry R.
Weingast. New York: Cambridge University Press, forthcoming, 2011.

“The Market for American State Government Bonds in Britain and the
United States, 1830 to 1843.“ With Namsuk Kim, Economic History
Review, November 2005.

“Violence, Natural States, and Open Access Orders: Implications for
Democracy.” With Douglass C. North and Barry R. Weingast, Journal of
Democracy, 2009.

“Lessons from the Political Economy of the New Deal.” Oxford Review
of Economic Policy, 26, 3, 442-462, 2010.

“Lessons for California from the History of Fiscal Constitutions.”
With Isabel Rodriguez-Tejedo. California Journal of Politics and
Policy, 2, 3, pp. 1-19, 2010.

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