[H-verkko] CfP: Cultural Construction in the USSR and States of the Former Soviet Bloc, 17.-18.3.2012

Saara Pellander saara.pellander at helsinki.fi
Pe Marras 14 12:51:00 EEST 2011

Colloquium: Cultural Construction in the USSR and States of the Former 
Soviet Bloc

Saturday 17th  - Sunday 18th March 2012


Call for Papers

On 17th -18th March 2012, the Department of History at the University of 
Nottingham is hosting a postgraduate colloquium, initiated and organised 
by its own doctoral students, on the theme of cultural construction in 
the Soviet Union and states of the former Soviet bloc. The aim will be 
to explore the origins and nature of cultural discourses and practices 
in government, academia, the intellectual sphere and everyday life with 
a view to assessing their influence on the political and social 
development of these countries.

The organising committee invites PhD researchers in history, modern 
languages, cultural studies, sociology and related disciplines to submit 
proposals for papers. The organisers and sponsors of this conference 
hope that the exchange of ideas among scholars will facilitate the 
emergence of new avenues in scholarly discussion about state actions and 
human experiences under communist regimes in the twentieth century.

     Proposed topics for the conference include, but are not limited to:

         *cultural revolts and resistance;
         *the dissident movement in socialist states and its discourses;
         *popular alternatives to socialism: methodological, analytical 
and discursive aspects of the problem;
         *formal and informal collectives of culture figures;
         *art as oppositional practice;
         *the role of space, place and material culture in building 
         *cross-cultural comparison of socialist cultural construction;
         *the dynamics of cultural change under socialism;
         *styles and dynamics of the socialist performance;
         *gender and subjectivity under socialism;
         *gender and art under socialism;
         *institution building under socialism;
         *censorship within the socialist states, and its power dimensions;
         *censorship and subjectivity;
         *ideological dimensions of art and socialist realism;
         *the disciplinary function of a socialist state: methods of 
control and punishment;
         *surveillance and the repressive system of a socialist state: 
structure and mechanisms;
         *bribery and privileges under socialism;
         *dilemmas of the intelligentsia: conformism vs. resistance;
         *individual and collective identity under socialism;
         *various aspects of contemporary views and discourses about 
former socialist states;
         *statistical perspectives of building socialist culture.

     Proposals, including a title, abstract (approx. 300 words) and 
one-page C.V., should be submitted to Susanne Sklepek 
(ahxss2 at nottingham.ac.uk) by 23th October 2011 .

     Presentations should be limited to 15 minutes, to be followed by 
discussion. We will be able to cover UK travel or contribute to 
international travel costs as well as cover one night accommodation 
expenses of each successful applicant. For details please check with the 
conference organisers.

     Organising Committee: Susanne Sklepek-Hatton, Olga Bertelsen, Filip 
Boicu and Andru Chiorean

     Generously funded by CRCEES, The Department of History at the 
University of Nottingham and BASEES