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Entrepreneurship in the socialist and post-socialist space

Call for Papers:  
October 31 – November 1, 2011.
University of Helsinki, Finland 

This workshop is dedicated to studying entrepreneurship and
entrepreneurial behaviour in different sectors of socialist and
post-socialist society. Previously entrepreneurship has been analysed
mostly in the economic sphere. Here, the topic is discussed in a
broader social and cultural perspective in addition to the fields of
technology and science. We also explore East-West interaction during
the Cold War, investigating how Western economic actors functioned in
the socialist arena and impact this interaction has had on the
post-Cold War period.

The workshop aims to bring together scholars from different
disciplines and different institutional backgrounds working on
related topics. The organisers intend to establish an international
collaboration platform and map out a common agenda for a future
international research project. The purpose is to develop a series of
meetings where the participants can continue to deepen theoretical and
methodological discussions. In addition, the organisers will publish a
compilation of selected papers from the workshop.    

Keynote speakers:  
•	Ann-Mari Sättre, University of Uppsala, Sweden    
•	Oksana Shmulyar Gréen, University of Gothenburg, Sweden
•	László Bruszt, European University Institute, Florence, Italy 
•	Ivan Tchalakov, University of Plovdiv, Bulgaria  

We encourage papers related to entrepreneurship in topics such as:
•	The spread of entrepreneurial behaviour in the Eastern bloc during
the Cold War 
•	Various forms of socialist entrepreneurship
•	The impact of the interaction between East and West
•	Western entrepreneurs in the socialist and post-socialist market
•	Eastern entrepreneurs in the West
•	Consequences of socialist entrepreneurship for the post-communist

We invite students to submit proposals of no more than 250 words by
October 17, 2011 to Dr. Katalin Miklóssy, to the e-mail address:
katalin.miklossy at helsinki.fi
The workshop is organised by the CERES network
and NORCENCOWAR network http://norcencowar.ku.dk/ and by the
Competition in Socialist Society project

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