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Vernacular Literacies - Past, Present and Future, June 2012, Umeå
Uumaja, Ruotsi 13.06.2012 

Literacy practices have become increasingly prominent features in
everyday life, especially in social media through digital technology.
However, vernacular literacy is not an entirely new phenomenon. The
written word has been used for everyday purposes throughout history -
in other media and using different technology. Whether historical or
modern, vernacular literacy practices have arisen out of everyday
needs and have not been formally regulated by institutions or
organisations linked to education, religion or the work-place.

We hereby invite researchers to submit conference papers that
illustrate vernacular literacy in the Nordic countries at different
periods of time: in the past, the present or looking into the future.
We look forward to contributions from a variety of disciplines such as
linguistics, history, education, folklore, literature and book

The conference is multilingual. Conference information will be given
in Swedish and English. Conference papers will be presented in
Swedish, Danish, Norwegian or English.

We are pleased to announce two prominent researchers within the field
of literacy as plenary speakers:
Professor David Barton, Lancaster University
Professor Deborah Brandt, University of Wisconsin-Madison

The conference is being organised by the Nordic literacy-network
Vardagligt skriftbruk at Umeå University in cooperation with the
Nordic research project Reading and Writing from Below at the
University of Helsinki.


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