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Looking for a research associate

For the opening of our new premises in Basel we are looking for a
research associate full-time (40h/week) to catalogue and describe
medieval illuminated manuscripts, commencing 1st of October 2011.
Dr.Dr. Jörn Günther
Rare Books AG is a leading and internationally operating
antiquarian book dealer. Next to doing scholarly research regarding
manuscripts, additional tasks of the job include editing catalogues
all other printed matter, international correspondence, preparation
fairs, documentation, maintenance of archive and reference library.

The successful candidate will be a fully qualified art-historian,
specialized in medieval book-illumination, experienced in
and researching manuscripts of different provenances and origins.

He/She will feel at home with the following languages: German,
French, Latin (Italian).

We are looking for someone who works well in a team, who is flexible
and who would enjoy working in a small company. We expect, of
enthusiasm for books and all required computer-skills (relevant
data-bases, photoshop etc).

We are looking forward to your application including, CV,
photograph either via e-mail to info at guenther-rarebooks.com or via
conventional mail to

Dr. Jörn Günther Rare Books AG
Mosboden 1
6063 Stalden
info at guenther-rarebooks.com
+41 (0)41 669 7000

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