[H-verkko] Turku, Urban History Day 3 - Multicultural Cities and Towns

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Urban History Day 3 - Multicultural Cities and Towns
Turku 09.03.2011 klo 10:00 - 09.03.2011 klo 17:00

Urban History Day 3
Multicultural cities and towns

Turku 9.3.2011

Porthan seminar room, Henrikinkatu 10

Towns and cities have been – and are – characteristically sites of
multiple encounters: they are places where people, practices, ideas
and goods of different origins meet and become entangled. The Urban
History Day 3 focuses on the multicultural and transnational essence
of cities and towns from a historical perspective.

10.00 	Opening
10.15	Ollimatti Peltonen, TaY, Medical societies in 19th century
Paris – an international milieu for a creative debate
10.45	Heidi Hakkarainen, TY, Multinational Metropolis – Intercultural
encounters and popular
humour in late-nineteenth-century Vienna
11.15	Silja Laine, TY, A Finnish Skyscraper: Whose Culture?

11.45–12.45	Lunch break

12.45	Olavi K. Fält, OY, European City in Japan: Leisure time
activities among Western
inhabitants of Yokohama in 1874 and the impact of climate conditions
on them
13.15	Suvi Talja, HY, Legacies of Foreign Sports in the Urban
Landscape of Dublin
13.45	Hannu Salmi, TY, Around the World: Early Cinema,
Transculturalism and the City

14.15–14.45	Coffee break

14.45    Kirsi Ahonen, TaY, Friendship across borders. The sister
city movement after the Second
World War
15.15	Johanna Leinonen, TY, Invisible Immigrants, Visible Expats, or
Permanent Tourists?
American Immigrants in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area
15.45	Helena Ruotsala TY, Behind the language barrier. Experiences
about transnational
everyday life in the twin-city of Tornio-Haparanda

16.15–17.00  	Concluding discussion and refreshments


Organizers: Peter Clark (HY), Marjatta Hietala (TaY), Marjaana Niemi
(SHS) and Taina Syrjämaa (TY)
For further information, please, contact Taina Syrjämaa, General
history, University of Turku, 
20014 Turku, taisyr at utu.fi

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