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XII Conference on Modern Estonian History

The 12th Conference on Modern Estonian History
June 9–10, 2011, Tallinn, Rüütli 6, Institute of History of Tallinn

International Influences on Estonian Society in the 19th and 20th

The 19th and 20th centuries are a period in history that are
characterized by major changes in politics, commerce, economics, law,
culture and social and international affairs as a results of
technological and economic modernization, the advance of science and
medicine and the spread of education. During this period numerous
international movements appeared in support of women’s rights,
temperance, sports etc. and organizations such as the League of
Nations, United Nations, Red Cross, PEN-clubs, International Olympic
Committee etc. were established. Through advocacy of their ideas and
their activity in behalf of the creation of a more stable economic
order and in behalf of issues in public health, labor standards,
women’s rights, humanitarian relief etc., they helped improve the
over-all quality of life for people and promoted social welfare
through international cooperation. 
We invite papers from participants to the conference which will deal
with the influence of international movements and organizations on
Estonia and the participation of Estonia in such organizations and
movements. At the same time we welcome papers on the general theme of
the role of international influence on Estonian education, law,
economy, politics, society and culture.					
The official languages of the Conference by tradition will be
Estonian and English.
Participants will have 30 minutes at their disposal (20 minutes for
delivering the paper and 10 for discussion). 

Proposals for papers and a short abstract should be forwarded to:
Maie Pihlamägi, Institute of History of Tallinn University, Rüütli 6,
10130 Tallinn, Estonia, telephone (+372) 6 83 64 52, Fax (+372) 6 83
64 60 e-mail: maie.pihlamagi at tlu.ee by March 1, 2011.

We  are pleased to announce that the previewed journal Acta Historica
Tallinnensia is available for publishing relevant articles.

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