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Shared Past – Conflicting Histories

Call for Papers 

Shared Past – Conflicting Histories
Historical Knowledge, Memory and Politics in the Baltic Sea Region

University of Turku, Finland 28-29 September 2011

The Turku Historical Association and the Controlling History network
will organize a two-day symposium for researchers and post-graduate
students. The seminar will study the interactions between historical
knowledge, memory and politics in the Baltic Sea Region. It will take
place on the 28-29 September, in Turku, the European Capital of
Culture 2011.

The organizers have the pleasure to welcome both experts and doctoral
students working within the fields of history, humanities, political
and social sciences. We will convene in Turku to study the various
cultural and political functions of historical knowledge, arguments,
myths and narratives. 

The organizers welcome proposals for

Individual presentations gathered in 90 minutes long workshops
a maximum of 4 presentations. 
Full panels. A full panel organized around a special theme should
consist of 3-4 panelists. 

Please bear in mind both in panels and individual presentations that
the maximum length for each presentation should be 15 minutes. 

Due to time constraints and to ensure the homogeneity of the seminar,
we have to limit the amount of presentations to a maximum of 50.
Therefore we will give priority to topics that meet both the
geographic focus of the seminar (the Baltic Sea Region including
Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Poland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden
and Finland) and the overall theme. 

We welcome presentations relating especially to the following themes

Writing of history in the past and the present
Conflicting narratives on the past
Historians' and other scholars' role in memory conflicts
Ethical questions of remembering and forgetting
Political uses of historical knowledge
Histories and historical myths as cultural tools
Problems of teaching of history
Media and arts in creating and mediating historical culture

All proposals for panels (600 words) and individual presentations
(300 words) should be emailed as doc, rtf, docx or pdf attachments to
the chair of the organizing committee, Pertti Grönholm
(shared.past.symposium(at)gmail.com) by the deadline of 3 April

Proposals must include all relevant contact information, a title, and
the main questions to be addressed during the presentation. Panel
proposals should contain the abstracts of all the presentations
involved, the contact information of all panelists, and a title for
the panel. They should also identify clearly the panel’s chair, who
will act as contact person for organizational purpose. 
The abstracts will be evaluated by the organizing committee and a
decision announced on each of them by 31 May 2011.

Shared Past – Conflicting Histories Symposium will include six
keynote lectures, plenary discussions, workshops, and an informal
social programme. Central to the organization of this symposium is a
will to deepen the discussion on the common themes and broaden the
contacts and networks of individual researchers and post-graduate

The keynote lectures in plenary sessions will be given by

Professor Klas-Göran Karlsson (University of Lund)
Professor Nikolay Koposov (University of St. Petersburg)
Professor Henrik Meinander (University of Helsinki)
Professor Alfonsas Eidintas (University of Vilnius)
Dr. Irene Sneidere (University of Latvia)
Dr. Marek Tamm (University of Tallinn)

The final programme of the symposium will be published on this
website by early August. 

This symposium has no participation fee, but the participants should
organize their accommodation in Turku. The town has been elected as
European Capital of Culture 2011, and we thus advise our guests to
organize their accommodation (hotels, etc) at the earliest possible
opportunity. This website will provide links to hotels and hostels. 

The members of the organizing committee are happy to give further
information and advice in all practical matters.

The organizing committee

Dr. (docent) Pertti Grönholm, dept. of General History, University of
Dr. Louis Clerc, dept. of Contemporary History, University of Turku
M.A. Heli Rantala, dept. of Cultural History, University of Turku


Email: shared.past.symposium(at)gmail.com 
WWW: http://sharedpastsymposium.blogspot.com 

The main organizers are supported by

School of History, Culture and Arts Studies, University of Turku
Department of  Political Science and Contemporary History, University
of Turku
Department of History, Åbo Akademi University
The Graduate School on Integration and Interaction in the Baltic Sea
Region, University of Turku
Baltic Sea Region Studies Master's Programme, University of Turku

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