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International Congress on Culture, Health and Well-being
Turku 21.09.2011  - 21.09.2011 

We have a great pleasure to invite you to the International Congress
on Culture, Health and Well-being (CultWell), to be held in Turku,
Finland, on 21-24 September 2011. Turku is the European Capital of
Culture 2011 and the conference is part of its programme. Welcome to
this unique conference!

The relationship between culture, health and well-being is extremely
diverse. Culture, health and well-being are all crucial elements of
the complex, extending from medicine and health promotion to broad
cultural aspects of creativity and social well-being. The aims of
this congress are to (1) explore the link between culture, health and
well-being, (2) identify methodological possibilities of the field,
(3) consider what constitutes well-being, healthy life, and
happiness, (4) share best practices involving culture and health to
improve well-being and (5) promote Artists' health and well-being.
This congress creates an interdisciplinary and dialogical platform
for people interested in these topics. Fields of interest include
medicine, pedagogy, psychology, urban studies, art research, cultural
studies, philosophy, social sciences and the health and culture
sectors at large. All these diverse disciplines are crucial to the
comprehensive understanding of the issues of culture and health which
we wish to achieve in this unique conference. All researchers and
practitioners who have been or are working with culture, health and
well-being are most welcome to help shed light on the issues
surrounding health and culture.

You are invited to submit an abstract contributing to the congress
thematic strands;

• Possibility of multidisciplinary research of cultural well-being
• Ways of promoting health and well-being through culture
• Health effects of culture
• Encounters, interaction and internationality as elements of
• Cultural differences and the use of health services
• Methods of empowering citizens to improve their community and
• Creativity and health
• Culture and Social inclusion
• Wealth from Arts - Health to Artists

Keynote speakers include:

Eckart Altenmüller
Professor, Head of the Department of Music-Physiology and Musician’s
University for Music and Theater, Hannover, Germany

Hugh Barton
Professor of planning, health and sustainability
WHO Collaborating Centre for Healthy Cities and Urban Policy
University of the West of England, UK

Mette Hjort
Chair Professor and Head of the Department of Visual Studies at the
Liberal Arts University of Hong Kong, China

Marja-Liisa Honkasalo
Professor in Medical Anthropology, Health and Society, University of
Linköping, Department of Medicine and Health, Sweden

Tiina Lindfors
Dance Artist
Dance Theatre ERI, Finland

Michael Murray (homepage link)
Professor of Applied Social and Health Psychology
Keele University, UK

Heikki Peltola
Professor of Infectious Diseases
University of Helsinki, Finland

Deadline for submission: 30 April 2011

Abstracts (300 words) can be sent through http://cultwell.utu.fi/


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