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Tohtorikoulutettava - monikulttuurisuuden historia

FiDiPro/Doctoral Student position 2011–2012

at the Academy of Finland Fidipro program 'Multiculturalism as a new
pathway to integration' at the University of Turku

The program concentrates on the problems of multiculturalism under
the leadership of professor Peter Kivisto (Augustana College and the
University of Turku). The program is a multidisciplinary joint effort
of the departments of sociology and general history with a number of
other co-operating departments and institutions.

We are searching a doctoral candidate who is focusing on historical
perspectives on multiculturalism for the period of January 1, 2011 –
December 31, 2012. The main tasks of the selected person are to work
on his/her doctoral dissertation, as well as help in coordinating the
Fidipro research seminar on multiculturalism.

The salary is in accordance with the State’s salary system
(Universities) for teaching and research personnel level 1 where the
work specific salary component is 1680,56 €/month. In addition, there
is a share increase based on the personal performance, which is, at
most, 46,3 % of the base salary.

Applications including research plan and CV, must be addressed to the
Office of the School of History, Culture and Art Studies, University
of Turku, Kaivokatu 12, 20014 Turku, Finland or e-mail:
hkt-kanslia(a)utu.fi by  September 22, 2010  at  3:45 PM.

For inquiries, contact prof. Auvo Kostiainen, aukosti(a)utu.fior
phone  +358-2-3335235.

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