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Fall and Rise of the Roman World c. 200–700 CE. XIX Finnish Symposium
on Late Antiquity, October 2010

Fall and Rise of the Roman World c. 200–700 CE
XIX Finnish Symposium on Late Antiquity
Tvärminne , Finland , 15-16 October, 2010

The XIX Finnish Symposium on Late Antiquity will be organized on
October 15-16, 2010. The aim of the symposium is to bring together
students and scholars with an interest in Late Antiquity from a
variety of universities and disciplines. This year, we explore the
aspects of depression, recovery and renaissance related to the
every-day life, but suggestions for papers dealing with other topics
will also be considered. Our main aim is to stimulate
interdisciplinary dialogue between philology, archaeology, history,
theology and other disciplines that deal with Late Antiquity.
Geographically, the focus of the symposium is on the Mediterranean
    This year’s symposium features three specially invited speakers: 
 Kate Cooper (Manchester): The transformation of the Roman Household
at the end of antiquity ;  Chris Wickham (Oxford): Rural realities:
Spain and Sicily around  600;
Leslie Brubaker (Birmingham): Embedding sacred images in everyday
life: representation and transformation of culture in Byzantium.
There is space for a maximum of eight more papers. If you wish to
deliver a paper, please send a short abstract  (of less than 300
words) by June 15th, to Dr. Ville Vuolanto (ville.vuolanto at uta.fi).
Applicants will be informed by July whether they have been accepted.
We have reserved 30 minutes for each presentation, including
discussion following the paper. Therefore, we recommend limiting the
papers to 15 minutes. For each paper, we aim at finding a commentator
for a first response of about 5 minutes.    
    The symposium will be organized in the premises of a zoological
research station operated by the University of Helsinki at a
beautiful location at Tvärminne on the southern coast of Finland
http://luoto.tvarminne.helsinki.fi/english). Its organizers are the
Department of World Cultures of the University of Helsinki together
with an interdisciplinary organizing committee (see below). The
seminar fee of 50 euros will cover transportation from Helsinki to
Tvärminne and back, as well as accommodation, meals, coffee and sauna
at Tvärminne. However, we are not able to cover the costs for
traveling to Helsinki , o r accommodation there. For the PhD students
it is possible to apply for a reduced conference fee of 25 €.
Registration for the conference will start August 30 th.
    The Finnish Symposium on Late Antiquity is organized annually
since 1992. It started as a Finnish-language seminar for postgraduate
students. However, over the years, more and more papers were presented
by established scholars. Moreover, in many years, a few well-known
scholars were invited from abroad, and the language of the symposium
was changed to English, thus making it more and more international.
This year, for the second time, we do not only have a few specially
invited guests from abroad, but we invite suggestions for papers from
anyone who is interested. In keeping with the symposium’s traditions,
we encourage not only senior, but also junior scholars and
postgraduate students to participate.

On behalf of the organizing committee,
Maijastina Kahlos, PhD, Classical philology, University of Helsinki ;
Ville Vuolanto, PhD, History, University of Tampere ; Päivi Vähäkangas
, MA , Biblical Studies, University of Helsinki,

Ville Vuolanto, PhD

Department of History and Philosophy
33014 University of Tampere, Finland
ville.vuolanto at uta.fi

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