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IIPC Online Series


Call for Papers:

IIPC Publication Series, ISSN 1797-318X (online),julkaisijana
International Institute for Popular Culture, IIPC

Kyseessä on referoitu e-kirjasarja, johon voi tarjota monografioita,
toimitettuja artikkelikokoelmia ja konferenssien proceedings
-teoksia. Sarja on avoin kaikille populaarikulttuurin tutkijoille,
tieteenalasta riippumatta. 

Otamme nyt vastaan ehdotuksia sarjan tuleviksi teoksiksi.

Sarjan tuotantoa tähän mennessä:

Vol. 1. History of Stardom Reconsidered: The refereed proceedings of
the inaugural conference of IIPC, University of Turku, 9-11 November
2006. Edited by Kari Kallioniemi, Kimi Kärki, Janne Mäkelä & Hannu
Salmi. Turku: International Institute for Popular Culture, 2007. 

Vol. 2. Sounds of the Overground: Selected papers from a postgraduate
colloquium on ubiquitous music and music in everyday life. Edited by
Nedim Hassan and Holly Tessler (University of Liverpool). Turku:
International Institute for Popular Culture, 2010.

Vol 3. Imaginary Japan: Japanese Fantasy in Contemporary Popular
Culture. Edited by Eija Niskanen (Aalto University). Turku:
International Institute for Popular Culture, forthcoming in 2010.

Annan mielelläni lisätietoja sarjasta ja vastaanotan kirjaehdotuksia.
Otathan yhteyttä s-postitse: kimi.karki at utu.fi.

Sarjassa on juuri ilmestynyt seuraava artikkelikokoelma:

Sounds of the Overground. Selected papers from a postgraduate
colloquium on ubiquitous music and music in everyday life

Edited by Nedim Hassan and Holly Tessler (Institute of Popular Music,
University of Liverpool)

A new e-book published by the International Institute for Popular
Culture, University of Turku, Finland. Available at
http://iipc.utu.fi/overground/ (direct link) or

Musical and auditory experiences are frequently central to peoples’
socio-cultural practices within contemporary media-saturated
societies. This edited collection features chapters from upcoming
scholars who are interested in critically examining such experiences.
Showcasing fresh perspectives on the study of music and sound, the
eight chapters in this volume adopt research approaches from a range
of academic fields including: anthropology; history; philosophy;
architectural studies; musicology and cultural studies. Starting from
the exploration of the specific roles that music can have for
individuals, groups and communities, the chapters in Sounds of the
Overground proceed to encompass broader discussions regarding music
and nostalgia; place; identity and the philosophical implications of
new musical and auditory technologies.

This book will be of value for anyone interested in debates
concerning the roles of music and culture in everyday life, including
students of popular music, musicology, cultural studies, sociology and
media studies.

About the International Institute for Popular Culture:

The International Institute for Popular Culture is a
multi-disciplinary research unit, concerned not only with issues in
contemporary popular culture but also in its history and
transformations. The Institute is committed to pursuing academic
excellence in the following areas: popular music, radio, film, and
television, new media and information technology, festivals and urban
cultures, youth cultures and subcultures, cultural industries,
consumption and material culture, sports, stardom and fandom. The
Institute is open to methodologies and theoretical insights, but it
places special emphasis on the questions of popular culture as
heritage and the social role of popular culture. 

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