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Post doc: Multiculturalism

Post-doc researcher in The School of History, Culture and Arts
Studies in University of Turku

Network for the research of multiculturalism and societal interaction
opens a post-doc researcher position. This field of study has been
nominated as one of the strategic areas of the University of Turku.
Research on multiculturalism and societal interaction from a
multidisciplinary standpoint corresponds to many issues. In principle
all the human sciences discuss the issues of multiculturalism; there
is a tradition of e.g. the study of migration, ethnicity, popular
culture, subcultures, displacements and diasporas at the University
of Turku, which also holds a Fidipro professor of the research area. 
The established network promotes and coordinates the multidisciplinary
field of research, supports teaching and research activities,
activates scholarly discussion, domestic and international
co-operation, organizes conferences and seminars. 

The School hires a post-doc researcher for the period of 1.9.2010 -
31.8.2011. The researcher will carry on research of his/her own, act
as the secretary of the board as well as work with the network
program development issues. The salary is in accordance with the
State’s salary system (Universities) for teaching and research
personnel level 5 where the work specific salary component is 2636,80
€/month. In addition, there is a share increase based on the personal
performance, which is, at most, 46,3 % of the base salary. 
The English language application must include curriculum vitae and
detailed research plan and expected outcomes during the year. The
applications must be sent to the office of the School of History,
Culture and Arts Studies by 30th of June, 2010 at 15.45 o’clock
(Kaivokatu 12, 20014 University of Turku) or e-mail:
Please note: Applications received in the first round in May 2010
will also be taken into account, on the basis of which these
applicants need not reapply.
For further information please contact prof. Auvo Kostiainen (e-mail:
auvo.kostiainen(a)utu.fi or ph. +358-2-3335235 or +358-40-5174313)

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