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Memories of the Holocaust in Scandinavia - Special Issue of the
Scandinavian Journal of History

Call for Papers 

Memories of the Holocaust in Scandinavia: Contexts, Approaches and

The interest in the Holocaust has become increasingly noticeable in
the Scandinavian countries in the last decades, with a growing number
not only of dissertations, monographs and other publications but also
public debates and controversies relating to the Holocaust. This new
upsurge of interest in the Holocaust in all Scandinavian countries
reflects the dynamics and the contested nature of collective memories
of wartime Scandinavia. Scholars have been analyzing the reasons and
implications of this current interest in the memories of the
Holocaust for some time  now. However, while numerous studies have
been breakthroughs at the level of national histories of individual
Scandinavian countries, only a few attempts have been made to examine
the region’s multiple experiences of and approaches to the Holocaust
vis-à-vis one another and in the context of Scandinavian history.

Scandinavian Journal of History is looking for papers which
investigate the ways in which the Holocaust has been rediscovered and
represented in academic writing and public debates in postwar
Scandinavia. We are particularly interested in papers which address
issues around the  Holocaust in the Scandinavian context; is there
anything “Scandinavian” in the ways in which the Holocaust and its
memory have been grappled with in Scandinavia? How does the Holocaust
fit in with organizing principles of Scandinavian societies such as
“folkhemmet'? Why has it taken such a long time for the Scandinavian
countries to start working through the Holocaust? Can we say that
this is, perhaps, a 'Scandinavian' phenomenon? How have the patterns
of memorizing the Holocaust changed in Scandinavia in recent

The manuscript must be in English, and untypically must not exceed
5,000 words. Otherwise, all submissions must observe the journal’s
instructions for contributors, given on their website under the
section “Instructions for Authors”

Address manuscripts and illustrations to the guest editors of the
issue, preferably in electronic form as e-mail attachments by 30
November 2010. Manuscripts submitted by regular mail should be
accompanied by an electronic version, including images whenever

Dr Antero Holmila	   
University of Jyväskylä	   
Department of History and Ethnology	
P.O. Box 35 (H), 
40014 Jyväskylä, Finland
Tel: +358 14 2601265
Email: antero.holmila at jyu.fi 

Dr Karin Kvist Geverts
Uppsala University
Department of History & The Hugo Valentin Centre
Box 521
S-751 20 Uppsala,
karin.kvist_geverts at valentin.uu.se

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