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ISCH Prize 2010 for Cultural Historians

ISCH Prize 2010 for Cultural Historians

In order to support cultural historical research and encourage
scholars in their early career, the International Society for
Cultural History, ISCH, has decided to launch an essay prize which
will be awarded each year to the best article on cultural history.
The ISCH Prize in 2010 is 250 £. In the future, the winning article
will also be published in the society's journal.

The ISCH welcomes original texts that make an insightful contribution
to scholarship on cultural history through methodological innovation,
theoretical originality or historiographical significance. Articles
on any aspect of cultural history, on any historical period or
geographical area will be accepted for consideration. Submissions
should be original, unpublished works in English or French, written
by scholars who, when applying for the prize, are either preparing
their PhD or have completed their PhD during the last five years.
Essays should be double spaced, and no more than 7000 words in

To submit an entry, please send a complete application to each member
of the Prize Committee. Electronic submissions are not accepted. The
submissions should include a cover sheet with author information, the
essay and its publication details and a short CV.

Your submission must be postmarked not later than by 15 March 2010.
The winner will be announced at the ISCH Conference in Turku, 26-30
May 2010.

Please send your submission to:

Prof. Jörg Rogge, Chair of the Prize Committee
Email: rogge at uni-mainz.de
Address: Johannes Gutenberg-Universität
Historisches Seminar II (Mittelalterliche Geschichte)
Saarstr. 21, D-55099 Mainz

Prof. Patrick Hutton
Email: phutton at uvm.edu
Address: 7860 Andora Drive
Sarasota, FL 34238

Dr. Kate Macdonald
Email: kate.macdonald at ugent.be
Address: Ghent University
English Department
Rozier 44
B-9000 Ghent

The International Society of Cultural History

In research and teaching, the vitality of cultural history is
burgeoning, with a broad variety of interpretations of culture
cross-fertilising between disciplines (history, human sciences,
cultural studies, literature and media, and many more) and between
different countries. In July 2007, a conference discussing Varieties
of Cultural History was held in Aberdeen, Scotland. A large number of
its participants agreed to form an international society to promote
the further development of cultural history. The official founding
conference with the title Orientations took place in Ghent (Belgium)
at the end of August 2008. More information on the society at

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