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8th Nordic Summer School in Contemporary History

8th Nordic Summer School in Contemporary History. 


Aarhus University, Denmark, 8-12 August 2010
Deadline: 9 April 2010

The 1990s and early 2000s have seen a rising intellectual debate
about how to understand global, international and transnational
entanglements, and new historical narratives emerged to explain the
post-Cold War world. Within these new historical narratives the
nation-state appears as something to go beyond in order to reach a
more apt perspective and thus a more apt explanatory approach. 
        These new challenges to the historical academic community
constitute the point of departure for the 8th Nordic Summer School in
Contemporary History. How can historians ‘do history’ in the 21st
Century when issues relating to transformations, transfers and
transdisciplinarity across traditional boundaries are on the research
        Until today, the new approach has attracted an increasing
amount of practitioners. It establishes a dialogue between fields of
historical research that was lacking before, and brings together
comparative history; international, transnational and global history;
imperial and (post)colonial history; political, social and economic
history; conceptual history and historical methodology. 
        The Summer School addresses questions to both historiography
and the resulting historical interpretations following this move
beyond the nation-state. 

Four thematic fields serve as a focus for this broad debate: 
Global conceptual and entangled history 
Transdisciplinarity and historical method 
Transnational institutions and their actors and structures 
Cultural and religious encounters and essentialisations 

The 8th Nordic Summer School invites PhD students globally working in
the field to apply for participation. Scholars excellent in their
field will provide keynote lectures, discuss with and comment on the
chosen PhD papers. 
Registration date (including title on proposed paper): April 9th
Message of admittance April 16th 2010. 
Deadline for papers: Juli 7th 2010. 
Number of participants: 25. 

The Summer School is organized by the Danish Graduate School for
Historical Studies. It will take place at the campus of Aarhus
For further information please contact: 
Associate Professor Claus Møller Jørgensen. 
Tlf. +45 8942 2106. Email hiscj at hum.au.dk

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