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The Proceedings of the Institute for European Studies

The Institute for European Studies at the Department of International
Relations of Tallinn School of Economics and Business Administration
(Tallinn University of Technology), Estonia has published a
peer-reviewed serial edition called Proceedings of the Institute for
European Studies (abbreviation IES Proceedings) for some years. Since
2009 it is a peer-reviewed international research journal with an
international editorial and extensive international editorial board,
available in EBSCO databases. The scope of the journal comprises a
large spectrum of social, political, legal and cultural issues
related to the recent development in the European Union and its
member states such as:
• Current societal, economic and cultural issues in the EU and its
member states
• The results of the EU related empirical social studies
• Theoretical issues related to the development of EU identity
• EU related legal issues
• History of EU
• Books reviews

We kindly encourage academics including the scholars from other
countries to contribute to our journal. The papers submitted for the
next issue of the proceedings will be peer-reviewed by the
out-standing specialists of their particular field under the
supervision of international editorial board. The deadline for the
submission of the forthcoming issue is April 30th 2011.

Requirements for the articles are following:
• The article should be in English, meet the general criteria set for
a research paper;
• The desirable length of the article should not exceed 15 pages in
the case of font size 12 and 1.5 line spacing (or 32 000 characters
with no spaces or 4500 words);
• The article should contain short abstract (max 300 words) and
keywords (max 10)
• The references to the literature must meet the criteria of Harvard
system of citation used by the most of scientific journals, see also

The next issue of the Proceedings of the Institute for European
Studies, Journal of Tallinn University of Technology, No. 10 will
appear by all evidence in September 2011.


Prof Peeter Müürsepp and Prof Aksel Kirch
Department of International Relations,
Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia
Please, submit your research paper to the following e-mail address:
IESProceedings at tseba.ttu.ee 

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