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Exhibitions, Shows, and Fairs/Urban History Conference

CFP for the session 'Exhibitions, Shows, and Fairs: Temporary Aspects
of Urban Culture'

10th International Conference on Urban History, Ghent 1.-4.9.2010

During the nineteenth and twentieth centuries urban constructing and
planning, aiming at permanent and controlled city spaces, became
increasingly professionalised and institutionalised in city
administration. Yet, simultaneously several other – heterogeneous and
unofficial - groups of agents have appropriated the city space by
creating ephemeral, temporary events such as exhibitions, shows and

In this session, the focus will be on these often fragmentary,
ambiguous, popular and sometimes commercial happenings. In spite of
the apparent short-livedness of a single event, they actually
together formed a lasting forum of encounters and they became focal
points of varied urban practices. For example, innovations linked to
knowledge, science and material culture became visible for a wide
audience. They also opened up new vistas to the wider world
exhibiting far-away regions, cultures, raw materials and goods.

This approach will shed light on the diversity and complexity of
urban societies. It will contribute to a deeper understanding of
cities as lived spaces.

Keywords: exhibition, show, fair, urban culture, lived space,

NB! Paper proposals are welcome between 1 October and 1 December
2009. Paper proposals must be uploaded at the conference website:

Taina Syrjämaa (School of History, University of Turku)
Anne Folke Henningsen (History Department, University of Copenhagen)
Leila Koivunen (School of History, University of Turku)

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