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The 27th Congress of Nordic Historians, 11-14 August, 2011

The 27th Congress of Nordic Historians, 11-14 August, 2011
In August 2011 the Department of History and Religious Studies at the
University of Tromsø will host the 27th Nordic History Congress. We
welcome historians from all the Nordic countries to this established
meeting that is so rich in traditions. For some of you this will be
an opportunity to visit Tromsø again, whilst others will have the
opportunity to experience our beautiful town and region for the first
We are still in the first phase of preparing a programme. By the end
of the year we intend to have a framework in place which will follow
the established pattern for this congress: there will be a one-day
session devoted to a main theme; half-day sessions; roundtable
conferences; free-standing contributions. In addition there will be
excursions. A first call for papers went out via e-mail to Nordic
institutions at the end of June 2009, and we have received several
interesting proposals; we want to have many more so that we can put
together the best possible programme!

We urge historians from all the Nordic countries to send in proposals
for both sessions and papers as soon as possible, and in any case
before 15 November, 2009, which we have set as the closing date for
submissions. At this stage, proposals should consist of a short
presentation, with a preliminary title, and at most half a page about
the content of the paper and its significance. Please specify what it
is you intend – a contribution to the one-day session, a half-day
session, a roundtable conference, project presentation, or a
free-standing paper. For a session or a roundtable conference it is
desirable if other contributors can be indicated, although there is
no absolute need for that at this stage. Proposals should be sent via
e-mail to one of the contact persons named below.

We look forward to receiving your proposals, and to seeing you in

Contact persons:
Professor Einar Niemi, einar.niemi at uit.no telephone  +47 77644357
Head of Department Fredrik Fagertun, fredrik.fagertun at uit.no
telephone +47 77646176
The e-mail address of the Congress:    nohi2011 at list.sv.uit.no
Congress homepage:  uit.no/nohi2011

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