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World Economic History Congress Utrecht
 03.08.2009  - 07.08.2009 

On aika ilmoittautua World Economic History Congressiin 3.-7.8.2009
Utrechtissä Hollannissa. Huhtikuun alkuun mennessä voi ilmoittautua
halvemmalla osanottajamaksulla. http://www.wehc2009.org/
Kongressin monissa sessioissa on vielä meneillään call for papers.
Ks. http://www.wehc2009.org/programme.asp. Session esittelyn
yhteydessä on maininta, jos sessioon vielä mahtuu.

Lisätietoja: riitta.hjerppe at helsinki.fi taipuh.  050 5593655

The World Economic History Congress

In 2009 the International Economic History Association (IEHA) will
hold its XVth World Economic History Congress in Utrecht, The
Netherlands, from 3 to 7 August. The organizing institutions are
Utrecht University (Research Group Social and Economic History) and
the International Institute of Social History.

The World Economic History Congress takes place every three or four
It offers excellent opportunities for scholars in economic history
from all over the world to present their work, exchange knowledge and
views, and set the research agenda for the years to come.
Themes and goals

The theme of the 2009 congress will be global economic history. The
congress is expected to contribute to the following goals:

    * enhance the dialogue with social sciences and economics;
    * develop a programme of global economic history;
    * integrate business history ;
    * build better institutions for academic exchange in the internet

Sessions will cover a wide range of subjects, periods from antiquity
to the present day, and a variety of regions around the world. The
congress will also include a dissertation competition, a poster
session for young researchers, and a series of keynote lectures on
the ongoing process of transformation of the world economy and its
relationship with the aim of sustainability.

http://www.wehc2009.org/ ( http://www.wehc2009.org/ )

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