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Bridging Local History in a Global Context- International Conference
on Time Travels and Historic Environment Education
 09.09.2009  - 13.09.2009 

Kansainvälinen kulttuuriperintösemiaari Stundarsin ulkomuseossa,
Mustasaari ja Kokkola 10-13.9.2009.

Ilmoittautumiset 30.6.2009 mennessä.

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Bridging Ages is an international organsation in Historic Environment
Education and Time Travels. The conference is the annual meeting of
the Bridging Ages organisation. Bridging Ages includes members from
schools, museums, universities, local and regional municipalities
from thirteen countries in Europe, America, Africa and Asia all
focusing on time travels and heritage education. The conference is
open for all participants in Historic Environment Education and Time

Wednesday 9.9.2009  
  9.00 – 12.00 Possibility to participate in hands-on archeological
project with school children in near-by Malax. 
Thursday 10.9.2009, Stundars  
  9.00    Morning Coffee and registration 
10.00   Bridging Ages Business meeting 
11.30  Lunch  
12.30  Welcome to Stundars – guided tour in Museum with handicrafts
people in action. 
14.00  Opening of the Conference  
15.00   Ebbe Westergren, Kalmar läns museum, Sweden, President
of Bridging Ages and Professor Jon 
Hunner, New Mexico State University, USA: “Time Traveling to our
recent pasts”.  
 Professor John Parkington, Department of Archaeology, University of
Cape Town, South Africa: “The 
Landscape of the Olifants River Valley, South Africa, as a palimpsest
of past stories”. 
 PhD Sanna Asikainen, Finland: ”Playing with the past”   
20.00  Dinner in Hemmersgården  
Friday 11.9.2009, Stundars 
  9.00  PhD Tom Gullberg, Åbo akademi University, Finland: “To
include Time Travels in training of teachers”. 
 Headmaster Thomas Nordström, Christian Folk High School in
Vaasa, Finland: “23.9.1998”. 
10.30  Coffee 
10.45  Short presentations, parallel sessions  
12.30  Lunch 
13.30  Short presentations, parallel sessions 
14.30  Workshops (incl. Coffee)  
 Closing discussion concerning a common project. 
16.30  Departure for Kvarken Archipelago, the first World Natural
Heritage in Finland. Real Finnish Sauna 
Experience.  Dinner 20.00.  
Remember to bring swimsuit and dress yourself in warm and comfortable
shoes and clothes! 
Saturday 12.9.2009, Kokkola 
  9.00  Departure from Solf. Visit in Oravais, Furirsbostället
– guided tour with theme Finnish War 1808-1809.  
14.00   Arrival in Kokkola. Bridging Ages conference continues
together with The Finland-Swedish Federation 
for Local Heritage. 
 Museum educator Lauri Skantsi, K H Renlund Museum: “The Finnish War
1808-1809 and the dawn of 
a new autonomous nation, Finland”. 
14.30  Preparations for the Time Travel  
15.30  Time Travel to 1809 in the Centre of Kokkola.  
20.00   Dinner at Restaurant Mustakari  – together with The
Finland-Swedish Federation for Local Heritage.   
Sunday 13.9.2009, Kokkola 
  9.45 – 13.00 Sight seeings in Neristan, Kokkola and tour in Kronoby
with visit to Tolvmansgården Local  
             Heritage Museum (Lunch at Hopsala Village Centre). 
15.00   Back at Vaasa Airport for return journeys... 
Stundars Open-Air Museum - Mr Olle Victorzon, President 
The Finland-Swedish Federation for Local Heritage- Mr Peter
Sjöstrand, President 
Bridging Ages, International Organisation in Historic Environment
Education and Time Travels –  
Mr Ebbe Westergren, President

http://www.bridgingages.com/newsletter/Newsletter_2_09.pdf (
http://www.bridgingages.com/newsletter/Newsletter_2_09.pdf )

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