[H-verkko] , World War II as a problem of the national memory

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World War II as a problem of the national memory
 24.09.2009  - 26.09.2009 

September 2009 will be the 70th anniversary since the beginning of
the World
War II being a logical topic of interest for historians, law
writers and teachers.
The State Russian Herzen Pedagogical University is holding an
scholars conference on the topic 'World War II as a problem of the
national memory', 24-26 September 2009. The followed issues are
expected to be discussed
- unknown facts and materials, new publications concerning the World
War Two;
- transformation of  war memories in the mass perception;
- World War Two  - the Great Patriotic War: a Post-Soviet area
- World War Two and the analysis of war outcomes in Eastern and
Western Europe;
- teaching of the World War Two history;
- World War Two victory memorials and memorial cemeteries;
- museums perspective on the war topic;
- mass media and the war perception;

Scholars, teachers, museum workers, journalists from Russia, other
republics of
the ex-Soviet Union, Austria, Germany, Poland and others will take
part at the
Collected presentations of participants will be published based on
the forum
Application deadline is the 1 July 2009.
Languages used in the conference are Russian and English.
Presentation texts (not more than 18000 symbols) must be submitted by
the 1
September 2009.
Assistance while applying for visa and hotel reservation provided
(living and
transportation expenses are paid by participants or organisations
Applications can be submitted to kantor at hermitage.ru
Organisation Committee Chief, History Sciences Doctor,
Prof. of General History Department
Herzen RGPU (The State Russian Herzen Pedagogical University)
Julia Zorakhovna Kantor

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