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The 11th Conference on Modern Estonian History

June 17-18, 2009, Tallinn, Rüütli 6, Institute of History of Tallinn

Facing modernity: The response of  Estonian society to political,
social, economic and cultural challenges (16th – 20th centuries)   

The crucial political and social changes of the last decades in
Eastern Europe have led to the birth of a specific research area
called transition or transformation studies. New conceptual
approaches to the examination of political, economic, social, legal
and cultural changes in Post-Soviet countries soon extended immensely
the scope of research.

Since the Middle Ages, the Baltic countries, including Estonia,
formed a geo-political entity that has been subject to
multi-directional influences emanating from both inside and outside
the area.  Changes of political power have been accompanied by
wide-ranging social changes as different social and ethnic groups
have used various strategies for the responding to the challenges of
the transition periods.  

The organizers of the conference are seeking papers that deal with
various aspects of Estonian history in the different transition
periods from the Sixteenth to the Twentieth century: Reformation and
Counter Reformation; Early Modern Transformations; the National
Awakening; Industrialization; Revolutions and Independent Statehood;
Sovietization; etc.). We expect that the papers will focus on the
changes within Estonia, and on the reaction of Estonian society to
the challenges of the transition periods. 

Participants will have 30 minutes at their disposal (20 minutes for
delivering the paper and 10 for discussion). The official languages
of the Conference by tradition will be Estonian and  English. 

Proposals for papers and a short abstract should be forwarded to:
Maie Pihlamägi, Institute of History, Rüütli 6, 10130 Tallinn,
Estonia, telephone (+372) 6 83 64 52, Fax (+372) 6 83 64 60 e-mail:
maie.pihlamagi at ai.ee by  March 1, 2009.

We  are pleased to announce that the  journal “Acta Historica
Tallinnensia” is available for publishing relevant articles

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