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Nordisk konferens om det långa 1700-tal / Nordic Conference for
Eighteenth-Century Studies

Call for Papers

The Finnish Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies organizes, in
cooperation with the Departments of History at the Universities of
Turku, Åbo Akademi and Jyväskylä, a Nordic Conference on the long
eighteenth century. The Conference will take place in Turku on 2–4
October 2009 and has the overall theme 

The Historical Significance of the Common Eighteenth Century: The
Swedish and Danish Realms

The main focus of Conference will be on the eighteenth century up to
the political changes in the Nordic countries in the early nineteenth
century. The bicentennial of years 1808 and 1809, observed in both
Sweden and Finland, constitutes a good starting point for comparisons
between periods that preceded and followed the division of the Swedish

On 2 October 2009, the Finnish Council of State will hold its
bicentennial session in Turku to commemorate the first meeting of the
government council of the autonomous Grand Duchy after the inclusion
of Finland in the Russian Empire. The council later became the Senate
of Finland and further on the Council of State of an independent
republic. Its foundation formed the starting point for Finland as a
political entity, something that the country had never been during
the preceding Swedish period. 

As the early nineteenth century not only created a new Sweden and a
new Finland but also led to the division of the Danish realm, we
would also like to invite speakers familiar with the eighteenth
century in the Danish realm. The Conference will thus pay attention
to the common inheritance of Sweden and Finland on the one hand and
that of Denmark, Norway and Iceland on the other. Thanks to support
from Letterstedtska Föreningen, the Swedish-Finnish Cultural
Foundation and NOS-HS, the Finnish Society for Eighteenth-Century
Studies and the University of Jyväskylä can host a few invited
speakers from each of the Nordic countries.

The Conference carries on a tradition begun by Nordic conferences
organized in Reykjavik in 2002 and in Gothenburg in 2007. It is open
for all Nordic scholars who work on the eighteenth and early
nineteenth centuries and are members of one of the national societies
for eighteenth-century studies. We hope to attract an
interdisciplinary audience of historians, literary scholars, art
historians, philosophers, theologians etc. Scandinavian languages and
English can be used in presentations and discussions. 

The Nordic network “Political Culture in the Nordic Countries, ca
1740–1820: Arenas, Opinions, and Concepts” with approximately twenty
members from four Nordic countries and with non-Scandinavian
commentators will also hold its second workshop in connection with
the Conference. The network is financed by NOS-HS. The sessions of
the workshop are open also for the other participants of the
Conference who wish to contribute to the debates.

The Finnish Society co-operates with the Swedish Society to edit a
joint yearbook Sjuttonhundratal: Nordic Yearbook of
Eighteenth-Century Studies, starting from 2009. The editors of the
Yearbook are Jonas Nordin (Stockholm), Kristiina Savin (Lund), Pasi
Ihalainen (Jyväskylä) och Henrika Tandefelt (Helsinki). We hope to be
able to release the first volume of the Yearbook at the Conference and
to publish a selection of papers given in the Conference in the next
volume of the Yearbook in 2010. The Yearbook is open to all
eighteenth-century scholars, both in and outside the Nordic

The committee which prepares the conference consists of Professor
Pasi Ihalainen University of Jyväskylä, Chair), Professor Kirsi
Vainio-Korhonen (University of Turku), Dr Joachim Mickwitz (Åbo
Akademi University) and Dr Henrika Tandefelt (Helsinki).

Registration for the Conference (soon available at
www.helsinki.fi/historia/1700) and possible abstract (200 words
maximum) for an oral presentation of no more than 20 minutes should
be sent to Professor Pasi Ihalainen, Department of History and
Ethnology, P.O Box 35 (H), FI-40014 University of Jyväskylä, Finland,
or faxed to +358-14-2601251 by 30 April 2009 at the latest.
Registration for meals should also be made in this connection. If you
wish that the organizers will book a reasonably priced university
guest room for you, this should be stated in the registration form.
We shall contact everyone and confirm participation and bookings in
May. All hotel bookings should be addressed by the participants
themselves directly to the hotel no later than on 1 June 2009.

Scholars who have been invited to the workshop “Political Culture in
the Nordic Countries, ca 1740–1820” should also register by filling
in and sending the form by 30 April and by making their booking
directly to the hotel by 1 June. They must send their paper to
pasi.t.ihalainen at jyu.fi on 24 August 2009 at the latest. The papers
will be published before the Conference on its website. The workshop
members will not give an oral presentation at the Conference but only
very briefly summarize their paper (5 minutes maximum) and respond to
comments from invited commentators and other participants.

For further information on the academic programme, kindly contact
Professor Pasi Ihalainen at pasi.t.ihalainen at jyu.fi. For information
on Turku and questions concerning accommodation and meals, kindly
contact kirsi-maaria.vainio-korhonen at utu.fi or jmickwit at abo.fi.
Further information will be sent to the participants in September.
See also the website of the Finnish Society at

Welcome to Turku in October 2009!

Preliminärt program / Preliminary programme

Fredag 2 oktober 2009 / Friday 2 October 2009

9.00 Anmälningar / Registration

9.30 Konferensens öppnande / The opening of the conference
9.45–11.45 Föredrag av inbjudna föreläsare och diskussion / Two
keynote lectures in Swedish
Matti Klinge (Helsinki) (på svenska)
Marie-Christine Skuncke (Uppsala) (på svenska)

11.45–12.45 Lunch 

12.45–14.45 Samtidiga sessioner / Parallel sessions
1. Det gemensamma 1700-talets historiska betydelse: Det svenska riket
(arrangör Kirsi Vainio-Korhonen)
2. Nordic Political Cultures: The Crisis and Renewal of the Monarchy
in late 18th and early 19th-Century Scandinavia (convenor Michael

15.15–16.00 Möjlighet att delta i en tvåspråkig (statlig)
festgudstjänst i Åbo domkyrka eller i ett utställningsbesök /
Possibility to participate in a bilingual ecumenical (state) service
in the Turku Cathedral or to visit an exhibition

16.15–16.45 Kaffe / Coffee 

16.45–18.45 Parallel sessions
3. Democratic Thought in the late Eighteenth-Century Nordic and Dutch
Political Cultures (convenors Pasi Ihalainen & Wyger Velema)
4. Nordic Political Cultures: Strategies for Political Participation
among the Excluded in late 18th and early 19th-Century Scandinavia
(convenor Karin Sennefelt)

19.00 Konferensreception / Conference reception
The official release of Sjuttonhundratal: Nordic Yearbook of
Eighteenth-Century Studies

Lördag 3 oktober 2009 / Saturday 3 October 2009

9.00–11.00 Samtidiga sessioner / Parallel sessions
5. Nordisk kultur under det långa 1700-talet (arrangör Henrika
6. Nordic Political Cultures: The Secularization and Modernization of
the Language of Politics in late 18th and early 19th-Century
Scandinavia (convenor Pasi Ihalainen)

11.00–11.30 Kaffe / Coffee

11.30–12.30 Keynote lecture and discussion
Petri Karonen (Jyväskylä) (in English)

12.30–14.00 Lunch

14.00–16.00 Samtidiga sessioner / Parallel sessions 
7. Relationer och kontakter mellan de nordiska länderna under det
långa 1700-talet (arrangör Joachim Mickwitz)
8. Nordic Political Cultures: Enlightenment, Publishing and the Rise
of New Sociability (convenor to be announced)

16.00–17.00 Höstmöte, Finska sällskapet för 1700-talsstudier / Autumn
general assembly, Finnish Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies

19.00 Konferensmiddag / Conference dinner

Söndag 4 oktober 2009 / Sunday 4 October 2009

9.00–11.00 Samtidiga sessioner / Parallel sessions 
9. Fria föredrag / Free presentations
10. Nordic Political Cultures: Commercial Interests and Political
Decision-Making in 18th-Century Scandinavia (convenor Patrik Winton)

11.00–11.30 Kaffe / Coffee

11.30–12.30 Keynote lecture, discussion and the end of the conference

Michael Bregnsbo (Odense) (in English)

12.30–14.00 Lunch med diskussion över framtida nordiskt samarbete i
1700-talsforskning / Lunch with discussion on future Nordic
cooperation in eighteenth-century studies

14.00–15.00 Nordic Political Cultures: Upcoming events and
publication plans

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Lisätietoja WWW-osoitteesta: http://www.helsinki.fi/historia/1700