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Finnish-American Immigrants in Transition 2009

CALL for papers:

International Seminar on Migration History in Turku, June 1-2, 2009

The Dept. of General History, University of Turku, the FIDIPRO
programme Multiculturalism as a new pathway to incorporation, and the
Institute of Migration will organize in Turku an international seminar
on the Finnish-American Immigrants in Transition 2009, on June 1st and
2nd, 2009.

The tradition of studying Finns in America as an academic skill dates
to the 1920’s. Thereafter, a large number of studies on Finns in
America has been carried on in Finland, United States and Canada. The
actual flourishing of the studies and writing migrant histories began
in the 1960’s and 1970’s. At the same time even the founding of a
number special archives and research institutions took place, such as
the Institute of Migration in Turku and the Immigration History
Research Center in Minneapolis (University of Minnesota).
Consequently, migration studies and migration history stabilized
their place in the field of teaching and studying.

The seminar invites together the active scholars of the topic in
various countries. Also, the aim is to get involved researchers from
related fields of study who are interested in migration history, as
well as other interested parties. The preliminary list of presenters
includes specialists from Finland, United States, Canada and Denmark.
The seminar offers a good possibility to strengthen the researcher
networks and contacts.

Many of the topics discussed are of great relevance today, since we
face quite similar problems in various societies and even in
international relations. The seminar focuses on the history of the
Finns in North America as well as its interpretation, and discusses
the changing Finnish-American immigrant communities and their

The expression of change refers primarily to the problem of
generations, acculturation and assimilation, as well as the changing
immigrant cultures. The focal point is on the preservation of ethnic
specifications, how these specific features have been preserved, lost
or transformed, while at the same time the immigrant community always
has functioned in the context of the host society. The aim is also to
present possibilities of multidisciplinary approaches in the study of
the history of the Finns in North America and in more general terms,
in the history of the migrant communities.

Proposals for presenting papers in the workshops mentioned in the
program A: Images of the Finns in North America (chair Hannu Heinilä,
HAMK), B: Finnish-Americans Today (chairs Jouni Korkiasaari, Institute
of Migration and Mika Roinila), and other possible themes, shall be
sent to Mr. Tuomas Räsänen (turasa at utu.fi) by March 2, 2009. They
should not exceed 250 words. Approval of the proposals will be
announced on March 15, 2009. The preliminary program can be seen in
the seminar web pages:

The language of the seminar will be primarily English.

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