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Memory in the Maritime Museum

Memory in the Maritime Museum: Objects, Narratives, Identities
Editors: Helen Beneki, Dr James P. Delgado and Dr Anastasia
We invite papers for a special double issue of the International
Journal of Heritage Studies, which will explore the following themes
related to maritime museums:
• the representation of maritime past in exhibitions;
• the relationship of the preservation of maritime heritage to the
local community;
• the re-invention of past (national, regional, local) identities in
today's communities through
maritime exhibition narratives; and
• the role of maritime activity in creating ethnically and culturally
diverse populations in seaports (local communities).

Manpower, tacit knowledge and related material culture traveled
across societies, networking humans and ideas. Thus, maritime
collections are inscribed with meanings that are embedded in
historical circumstances and, consequently, should be treated as
having numerous layers upon them, each one with a different
interpretation. But what can these collections tell us about the
stories of past seafarers and their communities? Are collections and
exhibitions of geographically-spread maritime cultures able to
support the understanding of challenging concepts, such as that of
insularity, or the concept of seafaring and maritime activities in
regard to building or modelling a more diverse community? Also, of
interest is the impact of maritime activity on international
linkages, both economic and cultural. Could maritime collections
reveal issues of how sea was perceived by past and contemporary
With this call for papers we welcome a range of submissions on the
following themes:
• Theoretical (and interdisciplinary) perspectives regarding the
preservation and reconstruction of maritime heritage
• Constructing and representing identities of maritime communities
• Memory in the maritime museum
• Planning exhibitions of maritime history: problems and
• Case studies on the interpretation of maritime past
• Maritime archaeology in maritime museums
• Maritime collections/exhibitions and communities
• Learning activities and the maritime collection: interpretation
• Maritime collections/exhibitions and school groups
• Using maritime collections in research
Please submit an abstract (max 350 words) by 27 November 2009 to the
guest editors: Helen Beneki
Maritime historian
Head of Research & Communication Department
Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation
Athens, Greece
e-mail: BenekiE at piraeusbank.gr
Dr James P. Delgado, Ph.D.
President and CEO
Institute of Nautical Archaeology
Texas A&M University, USA
e-mail: jpdelgado at tamu.edu
Dr Anastasia Filippoupoliti
Democritus University of Thrace, Greece
e-mail: afilipp at gmail.com
The Editor, Laurajane Smith
E-mail: ls18 at york.ac.uk

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