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Darker Sides of Childhood. SA:n Uskonto ja Lapsuus-projektin
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Tampere 11.05.2009 klo 09:30

Darker Sides of Childhood.
Marginalisation and Socialisation in Classical and Medieval World.
International colloquium on History of Childhood
Monday, May 11, 2009 
University of Tampere
Lecture room Pinni B 3111 


9.30 Katariina Mustakallio: Welcome & Introduction to the theme:
Children and Religion,
Socialisation and Marginalisation in Classical and Medieval World. 
10.00 Nicholas Orme: Medieval Childhood: Dark Age or Golden Age? 
11.00 Judith Evans Grubbs: Infant Exposure in the Roman Empire. 

12.00 LUNCH 

13.30 Christian Laes: Disabled Children in Late Antiquity. 
14.00 Sari Katajala-Peltomaa: A Devil's Child? Children and Demonic
Possession in
Later Medieval Culture. 


15.00 Jenni Kuuliala: Sons of Demons? Children's Impairments and the
Belief in Changelings in
Medieval Europe. 
15.30 Ville Vuolanto: 'Throwing away' Children? A Concept in Roman
and Medieval Contexts. 
16.00 Conclusion

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