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Oral history and ethics: updated progarm
Helsinki 03.12.2008 klo 10:15 - 04.12.2008 klo 17:00

International Research Symposium

Time: Wednesday – Thursday 3–4 December 2008
Venue: House of Sciences and Letters (Tieteiden talo), Kirkkokatu 6

Keynotes and sessions are open to public. Welcome!

Guest speaker: Dr. Robert Perks, curator of Oral History at the
British Library Sound
Archive, director of National Life Stories


Wednesday 3.12:

10.15. – 11.45 (Room 104) Opening: Aili Nenola (Finnish Literature
Keynote: Robert Perks (British Library): Confidentiality, Control,
Consent and
Co-Construction: Evolving Ethics in Oral History
Chair: Outi Fingerroos

11.45.– 13.15   Lunch break

13.15.– 13.45. (Room 505) Ulla-Maija Peltonen (Finnish Literature
Society):                    Silenced narratives of war – Ethical

13.45. – 14.15.  Coffee break

14.15. – 16.30.  Parallel sessions

Session A. (Room 505) Silenced memories in an intergenerational
Chairs: Kaisa Vehkalahti (University of Turku) and Kirsti
Salmi-Niklander (University of

Fyrstén, Marjatta  (University of Oulu): Legends of her life
Koskinen-Koivisto, Eerika (University of Jyväskylä): Studying a close
Ljungström, Åsa (Mid-Sweden University): Discretion of child abuse. A
case study of the
protection of the third party for generations  versus the public
Selyaninova, Gulsina (The Perm State Teacher-training University):
Ethical principles of
relations of narrators and interviewers at the process of recording
life-stories and

Session B. (Room 401) Confidentiality and building trust
Chairs: Helena Jerman (University of Helsinki) and Anne Heimo
(University of Turku)
Kudela, Wiktoria (The Jagiellonian University): “The starry skies
above me and the moral
law inside me…” The researcher in the face of an interviewee’s
traumatic experiences
while conducting oral history research
Lidman, Satu (University of Joensuu): Talking about delicate matters
with total
strangers. A survey on shame and honor.
Melnikova, Ekaterina (The European University of St. Petersburg):
Fears and hopes: What
do “we” share with “them”?
Strandén, Sofie (Åbo Akademi University): The narrator figure – the
interviewee as an
anonymised construction

Thursday 4.12:

10.15. –  11.45  (Room 104) Keynote: Arja Kuula (University of
Tampere): Qualitative research and ethics of data archiving.
Chair: Ulla-Maija Peltonen

11.45. – 13.15.  Lunch break

13.15. – 14.45.

Session C. (Room 401) The predictability of ethical questions
Chairs: Riina Haanpää (University of Turku) and Outi Fingerroos
(University of Jyväskylä)
Bouška, Tomáš (Charles University in Prague):
Oral Histories of Czechoslovak Political Prisoners
Latvala, Pauliina (University of Helsinki): Folklorists and the
Finnish society: Are we
making culture understandable?
Rossi, Leena (University of Turku): Interviewer’s dilemma – Am I the
right interviewer
for this particular person?

Session D. (Room 208) Space, place and ethics
Chairs: Ene Kõresaar (University of Tartu) and Saara Tuomaala
(University of Helsinki)
Laakkonen, Simo & Karreinen, Lari (University of Helsinki): Faces of
the environment.
Working class, environmental reminiscences, and ethics
Lappalainen, Niina (University of Helsinki): “I wanted to tell you
this, but please, keep
it to yourself!”
Kouri, Jaana (University of Turku):  Narrated environment as a moral

14.45. – 15.15.  Coffee break

15.15. – 17.00   (Room 104) Final discussion
Chair: Outi Fingerroos

The symposium is hosted by the Finnish Literature Society in
collaboration with the
Graduate School of Cultural Interpretations, the Department of
Folklore Studies,
University of Helsinki and the Finnish Oral History Network (FOHN).
More information:
Ulla-Maija Peltonen, Finnish Literature Society
(ulla-maija.peltonen at finlit.fi)
Kirsti Salmi-Niklander, University of Helsinki
(salminik at mappi.helsinki.fi)

Finnish Oral History Network (
http://www.finlit.fi/tutkimus/fohn/cfp_oral_history.htm )

Kirsti Salmi-Niklander <salminik at mappi.helsinki.fi> puh. 040-724 9760

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