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Morals and Institutional Change
Jyväskylä 14.08.2008 klo 12:00 - 15.08.2008 klo 16:00

Morals and Institutional Change, Jyväskylä 14-15.8.2008

Department of History and Ethnology
University of Jyväskylä

Thursday 14.8 (Historica, H 306)

12.00  		Welcome

12.15 		Clive Emsley (Open University, UK): Crime we have lost: Crime
we have yet to find
13.15 		Crime and Punishment I

Martin Bergman (Lund): Executions – Messages, Interpretations, and
Satu Lidman (Joensuu): To Report or not? To Punish or not? Between
tightening laws, old habits and loyalty in 16th Century Bavaria
Teemu Keskisarja (Helsinki): The Crimes and Punishment of a Serial
in 19th century Finland

15.15 		Coffee 

15.30		Crime and Punishment II

Päivi Pukero (Joensuu): The Foundation of Closed Institutions - The
Finnish Model
Virpi Anttonen (Joensuu): Presidential Pardons in Finland
Riitta Matilainen (Helsinki): Changing Perception of Gambling in
Finland from the 1920s to 1970s
Anssi Halmesvirta (Jyväskylä): Macabre Body-Snatching: A Case Study

Friday 15.8 (Historica, H 306)

9.00		Church and Local Community

Päivi Räisänen (Helsinki/Göttingen): Reformation, Confessionalization
and Social Control in 16th Century Germany
Ella Viitaniemi (Tampere): The Parish Men of Kokemäki: Chuch Building
Process and Social Control in 18th century Finland
Pasi Saarimäki (Jyväskylä): The nature of social control towards
sexuality - the views of the local church and the court in the late
19th century Finland

10.45		Family and Social Control

Sofia Kotilainen (Jyväskylä):  Naming Practices as a form of Social
Jonas Lilieqvist (Umeå): Honour thy Father and thy Mother. A
Comparative Study of Trials concerning Abuse and Violence to Parents
Swedish and Finnish Counties 1745-1754. 
Anu Koskivirta (Helsinki): Homicide and Family in 19th century

12.15		Lunch

13.30		Violence and Homicide: Comparative Perspectives

Tomas Mantecon (Santander): Expressions of Extreme Violence in the
Cities of Southern Europe
Richard McMahon (NUI, Ireland/Dundee & Olli Matikainen (Jyväskylä):
Homicide in 19th century Ireland and Finland

15.00		Coffee & Final Discussion


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