[Gross] Gross 1.0.1 gotchas (statefile + postfix greylist/syntax)

Justin Piszcz jpiszcz at lucidpixels.com
Sun Oct 26 14:07:38 EET 2008

1. By default the statefile directory may not exist on your system and 
there are no errors in the logs to indicate why greylisting isn't working.
- Read manual first of course :)
- Specify the statefile, make sure permissions are correct.
- Create the statefile grossd -C

Add to init.d script:


   if [ ! -d "$STATEDIR" ]; then
     echo "grossd: State directory not found, creating..."
     mkdir -p "$STATEDIR"
     chown nobody "$STATEDIR"

   if [ ! -f "$STATEFILE" ]; then
     echo "grossd: Statefile not found, creating..."
     $DAEMON -C

2. Postfix not rejecting the e-mail and using DEFER_IF_PERMIT instead.
- The proper 'syntax' to fix that is shown below:

# Use postfix greylisting.
postfix_response_grey = action=421 Greylisted, please try again later

Maybe include this in the FAQ or README (the example) of how it works with 

I tried:

postfix_response_grey = 421 (postfix errored on this one)
postfix_response_grey = action="421 Greylisted" (also errored)
postfix_response_grey = action = 421 Greylisted.. etc (correct)


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