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Stefan Förster cite at incertum.net
Sun Oct 26 11:39:54 EET 2008

* Justin Piszcz <jpiszcz at lucidpixels.com> wrote:
> For RHSBL checks, can we implement the following:
> - client rhsbl checks (hostname of client)
> - helo rhsbl checks (what the client says the helo=)
> - sender rhsbl checks (I assume this is what it does by default)
> Similar to the following in postfix:
> - reject_rhsbl_helo
> - reject_rhsbl_client
> # 'block_threshold' is the threshold after which grossd sends
> # a permanent error to the client. Every check that considers client_ip
> # as suspicious returns a value (check weight). When sum of these
> # values gets equivalent or greater than 'block_threshold', grossd
> # sends a STATUS_BLOCK response. Default is 0, which disables
> # this functionality.
> # DEFAULT: block_threshold = 0
> block_threshold = 4
> - Would it be possible to block if in more than X number of RBLs as well,
>    regardless of the score?

I was not confident that the additional logic implemented in grossd
was a good thing[tm] when grossd came out first: Grossd is a fantastic
greylisting software, and as such, development efforts should go into
the two things that grossd really excels at: Greylisting and
replicating the database - and only those two.

For things like scoring/weighting hits in DNSBLs, doing HELO/EHLO
checks and so on, there are programs available which already have the
functionality to do this: policyd (v2), postfwd and policyd-weight
come to my mind. Especially postfwd with it's semi Turing-complete
configuration language is suited very well to return an action like
"greylisting" and therefore invoke the named smtpd_restriction_class.
Bloating grossd with the kind of stuff you are suggesting above is not
a good idea, IMHO. Unix philsophy is "One tool, one job" - and that's
for a _reason_.

Now this said, there might be reasons to do this for the people
running grossd with Sendmail, SMSJ or other MTAs. For Postfix, all of
this is completely unnecessary and better left to tools explicitely
designed for the task.

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