[Gross] Excellent program [ feature requests ]

Justin Piszcz jpiszcz at lucidpixels.com
Sun Oct 26 02:12:39 EEST 2008

For RHSBL checks, can we implement the following:
- client rhsbl checks (hostname of client)
- helo rhsbl checks (what the client says the helo=)
- sender rhsbl checks (I assume this is what it does by default)

Similar to the following in postfix:
- reject_rhsbl_helo
- reject_rhsbl_client

# 'block_threshold' is the threshold after which grossd sends
# a permanent error to the client. Every check that considers client_ip
# as suspicious returns a value (check weight). When sum of these
# values gets equivalent or greater than 'block_threshold', grossd
# sends a STATUS_BLOCK response. Default is 0, which disables
# this functionality.
# DEFAULT: block_threshold = 0
block_threshold = 4
- Would it be possible to block if in more than X number of RBLs as well,
   regardless of the score?

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