[Gross] gross 1.0.1 milter and Postfix

Jesse Thompson jesse.thompson at doit.wisc.edu
Mon Aug 4 21:48:44 EEST 2008

Eino Tuominen wrote:
> Steve wrote:
>> Now I have a question: How does gross 1.0.1 Milter knows that a mail
>> is locally originating? I don't see any option in gross to disable it
>> on mails originating from local addresses and/or I don't see any
>> option in gross to disable it for authenticated users. With
>> authenticated I mean users that succeeded SMTP AUTH ({auth_authen}
>> Milter macro) and/or users that use STARTTLS with a verified client
>> certificate ({verify} and {cert_subject} macro). Is there a way to
>> bypass gross for those conditions? Does any one know that?
> I'm afraid that funcionality is not (yet) implemented in grossd. It 
> should be pretty straight forward to iplement those things in 
> worker_milter.c.

Isn't this easier to implement in the MTA?  Is there an advantage to
doing this with gross?  Maybe SJSMS channels make this easier than it
would be on other MTAs.


>> What about white listing certain client IP's and/or recipient and/or
>> senders? Is there a possibility to do that in gross (beside adding
>> them in a local dnswl)?
> A local dnswl is the only option, currently. Senders could be 
> whitelisted with a local rhsbl with a negative weight. Now, I'm 
> uncertain if I have ever tested negative weights thorougly, but 
> It-Should-Work(TM).
>> btw: I know, I know. I should/could use the Postfix policy with
>> gross. But I just wanted to see if the Milter would work with
>> Postfix. And it does :) But probably I will switch gross to use
>> Postfix policy possibility.
> I'm going to investigate milter possibilities more after I've got our 
> JES to speak milter with gross. One interesting possibility would be to 
> extract URLs from message bodies and test them against Spamhaus SBL.

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