[Gross] RFE: check = database, rereading configuration file

Eino Tuominen eino at utu.fi
Sat May 17 14:00:14 EEST 2008

Jesse Thompson wrote:
> Ernest Wypierowski wrote:
>> I would like to change a policy during the night and be able to greylist
>> all connections (beside dnswl).    For that reason I am missing a   con-
>> figuration flag to modify the check from dnsbl to e.g. database.
> Neat idea.  Allowing for block_threshold and grey_threshold to be
> changed through external input, or given time-formatted values, would be
> an interesting feature request.

More sofisticated methods can be implemented if configuration system 
gets a rewrite sometime in the future.

But how about if checks could return bias to thresholds? A little like 
Puremessage rules can shift the final spam percentage by an absolute number.

I mean that e.g. geoip check (not implemented yet, if you have good 
pointers to free databases, please share) could return bias if the mail 
comes in from some suspicious or highly trusted network. Some Finnish 
site that mostly exchanges mail with European countries could set rather 
strict thresholds and let geoip check raise the thresholds if sender ip 
is known to be European. Or time check could lower grey_threshold to 0 
during night time.

   Eino Tuominen

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