[Gross] Space Character in Mail From Crashing Gross

Jesse Thompson jesse.thompson at doit.wisc.edu
Thu Apr 24 17:18:11 EEST 2008

Jeff Chan wrote:
> I am currently testing something like this:
>   TCP|*|*|*|*|SMTP*|*|*|*"*"*"*|* $N$D30|Bad$ envelop$ from$ address
>   TCP|*|*|*|*|SMTP*|*|*|*"*"*|*  $Y
>   TCP|*|*|*|*|SMTP*|*|*|*"*|* $N$D30|Bad$ envelop$ from$ address
> It's not perfect and can't get all unbalanced double quotes identified
> when the number of double quotes occurs more than 3 times. And the
> sort of regular expression that MS provides for mappings is quite
> brain dead. Can't figure out a way to precisely write a pattern that
> check for unbalanced quotes, without resorting to writing a C routine.

It's not regex; just simple string comparison.  Wouldn't it be great if 
SJSMS supported regex?  :-)

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