[Gross] Pidfile and daemonization

Jesse Thompson jesse.thompson at doit.wisc.edu
Tue Apr 15 20:41:48 EEST 2008

Eino Tuominen wrote:
> Nuutti Kotivuori wrote:
>> So, I'd like to request either pidfile creation - or the ability to
>> not-daemonize and still log to syslog.
> As I've never been a fan of pidfiles I want to know exactly what do you 
> expect grossd to do with pidfiles:
> 1. should grossd check if the pidfile already exists?
> 2. should grossd remove the pidfile before exiting?
> FWIW, I always use pgrep et al, it's more reliable than pidfiles, which 
> could end up being stale.

We're using the Solaris Service Management Facility to start/stop 
grossd.  SMF will prevent two grossd instances from being started at 
once, and it will automatically restart grossd if it fails.

If anyone is interested, I will contribute our smf definition file to 
the project.  Where should I put it?  What should I call it?  It would 
be nice to get some feedback for improvements, etc.


   Jesse Thompson
   Email/IM: jesse.thompson at doit.wisc.edu
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