[Gross] project status?

Eino Tuominen eino at utu.fi
Fri Aug 10 10:05:05 EEST 2007

Jesse Thompson wrote:
> I haven't been paying much attention to gross lately.  I was out for a
> while, then I focussed on migrating gross from our linux servers to
> solaris zones on our MTAs, after that I was focussed on other things.
> So, what's the status of this project?  Version 0.8.2 has been extremely
> stable and effective.  Is it ready for a 1.0 release?  Or is svn-r207 in
> need of testing first?

I have not had any time to work on gross lately. svn-r207 must be tested
but it has a bug that causes a memoryleak. I suspect the bug is in the
blocker check, but have not had the time to make sure of it.

I have to rewrite the blocker check once again to use asynchronous IO
because synchronous IO seems to block some times due to glitches in PMX
blocker service.

The main modifications since 0.8.2 are (from NEWS file):

* preliminary support for MILTER protocol, check config file
* support for definitive checks: it's now possible to write
  checks that cause grossd to block or pass (whitelisting)
* dnsbl check is now run time configurable
* two new check types: RHSBL and DNSWL - check config file
  for documentation and examples. DNSWL is first definitive

- improved thread counting in thread_pool.c
- code cleaning

Issues fixed:
#40: new type of check - RHSBL (RFE)
#41: new type of check - DNSWL (RFE)
#46: Make dnsbl checking run time configurable (RFE)
#47: Grossd will not run any checks if configured with --disable-dnsbl

> What enhancements should we prioritize next?

1. modify blocker check to use asynchronous I/O,
2. make sure the code is stable.
3. finish the documentation.

Then I'll release gross 1.0. After that we'll be able to make more
radical changes. Are there any "must have"-features that need to be
implemented before 1.0?

  Eino Tuominen

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